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    Game Design Masterclass: Alien

    I have run the included scenario twice. And definitely went very differently each time. One thing I really liked was the when a PC dies they take over one of the NPCs. Had two PCs die at once, so they took over two NPCs. They immediately were not trusting the original PC group, which made...
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    Nominate your MOST ANTICIPATED RPG of 2020

    Sentinel Comics RPG by Greater than Games Cyberpunk 2077 by R Talsorian
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    Space is Not the Only Thing Trying to Kill You in the Alien RPG

    There are two types of dice. Base dice and Stress dice. The Base dice have a symbol on the 6 side to show it as a success. The Stress dice have the same symbol on the 6, since you can still get successes with the Stress Dice. It also has a face hugger on the 1 side to denote a panic...
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    Kickstarter Midwest Gamefest 2015 Kickstarter

    The RolePlayers Guild of Kansas City has a Kickstarter for Midwest Gamefest 2015. ShaunCon, Borderwars, and the Gamer's Haven Game Library come together in four incredible days of tabletop gaming November 12-15 at the Overland Park Convention Center in the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan Area...
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    DDI site is starting to get content.

    I was wandering around the DnD site on wizards and then things started to change. There is now D&D Insider option on the left Nav and there are pages for each of the sections. No real content yet but the intro pages are all there.