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    PF1E Probably a silly question but

    My friends and I are looking to get a pathfinder game going, and I've been looking into classes to play and have a question. I don't normally play casters in pre 4e but have been thinking of branching out some, and looking at prestige classes I'm curious, when it says +1 to existing spellcasting...
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    Proposal: Aldori Dueling Sword + Feats

    I would like the propose allowing the following to be used, to allow Finessers additional options in the weapons they can use. Aldori Dueling Sword: A finessable longsword that requires Exotic Weapon Proficiency to be used, but would provide Finessers a source of slashing damage that is an...
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    So What exactly is WoTC's issue with Encounter powers on magic Items?

    So I was skimming through the updates for AV, and I noticed that two of the items I have on my Barb have been nerfed pretty badly, Laughing Death Armor and Tigerclaw Gauntlets. Both items had in the AV encounter powers, but have since been revised to Daily's, which honestly, makes them pretty...
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    OOTS 622 is up!

    Giant In the Playground Games All I have to say is...Belkie?!
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    Elemental Tempests and Shocking Flame

    I have myself an interesting question and I was wondering what you all would think. The Elemental Tempest PP for Genasi allows to you to manifest two Elements at the same time, and Shocking Flame allows you to deal additional damage when manifesting Stormsoul or Firesoul. My question is this, if...