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    How to Edit Signature?

    Haven't been active here in a couple years or so. The site's undergone some big changes. Looking to get rid of the old signature, but when I go to my profile, there's no little pencil icon next to it. Are signatures a subscription feature now? I'd just as soon blank it out.
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    5E Sleep Spell 1st-Level, No-Save Death Spell?

    I took a long break from RP'ing. Been a couple years at least. I'm very interested in this new editionless edition. Looking through the PHB, I'm very impressed overall. I like the classes, I like the approach to making components like feats and alignment optional, and I like the idea of spells...
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    Mass Effect 3 (no spoilers)

    No thread on this, huh? It's a great game that serves up a lovely swan song for many heroes. I enjoy both the story and the combat. Haven't finished it yet, so it's been hard to dodge spoilers. Apparently, the ending is of a controversial nature. I hope I don't find out that you only get a...
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    Traps: What Should Become of the Spike-Filled Pit?

    There are some sticky issues with traps that have made their usage fairly awkward and often moot in both 3e and 4e. Some folks think they're downright passé. I'd like to go over the major issues and see if any kind of meaningful discussion is sparked. 1) One-Hit Cheap-Shot Nature: While there...
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    Rituals: What Should Become of Them?

    4e introuduced the concept of rituals, and I personally found it to be one the finest concepts the edition had to offer. It's one of those things that seem obvious in hindsight, that a leomund's tin hut is not the same type of resource as a fireball, and thus they shouldn't be drawn from the...
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    Saving Throws: What Should Become of Them?

    One of the 4e mechanics that never grew on me was how they handled saving throws as a way of ending conditions. They basically just made it a flat-up coin toss, causing many "big gun" attacks from both players and monsters fizzle out after a single round's duration. I liked 3e's division...
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    Has anyone ever bought a PDF from Indie Press Revolution?

    I purchased the Bulldogs Fate RPG from IPR. I concluded the purchase using PayPal. I figured I would get an email with a link to a secure download, but instead I got an email that contains...well, nothing much really. See for yourself: Something defiinitely seems to be missing. There's some...
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    Optimization Advice Sought for a Knife-Fighter

    I've been considering a halfling knife-fighter for my next character--a deadly a little fellow, no more to be trifled with than any falchion-wielding barbarian. Rogue/ranger with a favored enemy of human would be my preference. However, in 3e I recall this not amounting to a particularly deadly...
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    What's more important for a Magus, STR or INT?

    The title says it all. The character in question is a 3rd-level human built on 25 points. I'm leaning towards STR as being more important, because I will probably be rolling to hit more often than anything I'll be doing that uses INT, such as tapping my arcane pool or casting spells with save...
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    Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited on Android?

    One of the things that would make a tablet an appealing purchase would be the capability to access Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited anywhere. It won't work on Applie iOS because Apple won't incorporate Flash. I'm wondering if it performs on an Android device, as they do include Flash. Has anyone...
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    The Essentials Thief: Escaping from Light Blade Hell

    I've been digging the Essentials versions of the various classes. I'm not sure if they hit the mark from a game balance point of view (especially the slayer), but the idea that a weapon attack is one payload that can encapsulate in different delivery systems really hits the mark. Moreover, a...
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    Sid Meyer's Civilization Board Game

    Got my copy, but haven't gotten around to cracking it open. Anyone played it? Have any opinions on it?
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    Magic item rarity revision forthcoming?

    My understanding is that magic items are seeing a revision that will designate them as common, uncommon, or rare. Do we know if this will be retroactively applied to existing items in some publication, and if so, when?
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    A Paladin Problematic

    I'm not currently DM'ing, but I'm seeing a lot of insanity from the paladin in our current group that is taking its toll on our DM. Just wanted to run some of the crazier tricks past you guys to see if it's all kosher. Well, not kosher--because it's insane--but legit at any rate. First trick is...
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    Good epic-tier slot items for an implement user

    So, I'm trying to look at what the wish-list for my epic-tier sorcerer, and I'm not finding a lot that excites me. The arm, hands, waist, feet, and head slots all have great stuff for weapon-users. Re-roll any 1's on damage...Bag an extra +3d6 on charge attacks...Iron armbands pretty much go...
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    Is there a zombie movie buff in the house?

    A friend and I were discussing the various "Dead" movies, and there's one we're trying to place. At the climax, the surviving characters manage to contact the military, who promptly respond by nuking the entire town. The zombies get the last laugh though, as we see a radiocative zombie rise up...
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    Revised Feats--Where to Get'em?

    Do any of the Essential books contained the revised/updated feats, or is it purely Red Box or bust?
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    Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms previews? Any bones for the warlock?

    So, the wizard got some nice touches thrown in to add a little more oomph. Any chance we'll the same for his PHB arcane colleague? Something to address the MAD, the inflexible at-wills, the soft damage output, and all of the other things that renders its appeal more thematic than mechanical...
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    What does a slayer fighter lose in the trade-off?

    I don't have Heroes of the Fallen Lands. From reading the previous, I gather that they essentially lose little more than the ability to mark, and in exchange they effectively gain a bonus to damage comparable to a sorcerer. They continue to retain their defender AC and HP. Given that the fighter...
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    Ravenloft, the Flying Dutchman of Board Games

    Apparently delayed again. Amazon currently has it dated for September 10th. Let's see if this ship ever finds a port.