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  1. the Jester

    Helmets: Under-Used but Over-Important

    I've been strongly considering adding two categories of helmet in my game- a regular helm that grants +1 to AC and a great helm, which would add +2 to AC and impose disadvantage on Perception checks. I don't think that a +2 to AC will massively impact the game.
  2. the Jester

    5E Spell Versatility is GONE. Rejoice!

    For me it's more about power creep and the importance of meaningful choices being meaningful.
  3. the Jester

    Half my weekly group has had COVID

    I've been online only for months. It's not as good as in person, but it's far better than nothing.
  4. the Jester

    Satanic Panic of the late 80's

    FYI there's a podcast called "Behind the Bastards" that has a two-episode series on the Satanic Panic, though it's a much broader look at it than just the D&D elements- those are barely touched on (if at all) in the first episode. (Behind the Bastards generally takes an in depth look at really...
  5. the Jester

    General Which Edition Had the Best Ranger?

    Voted for the 4e version, though both the 1e and 3.5e rangers are very, very close to it. Honestly, this is a case where the difference between the 3.0 and 3.5 versions of a thing are so far apart that the poll should have separated them out.
  6. the Jester

    Anyone ever played a game with two linked groups?

    I am currently running seven groups who are set in the same world, at roughly the same time, and whose actions can affect each other. It's definitely complicated. Because there's significant player overlap between groups, on the rare occasions when I have to make one group wait on another to...
  7. the Jester

    4E Draconomicon 3E or 4E

    The 3e version is one of the best, and most beautiful, D&D books ever released, in my opinion. The 4e version is cool and has a bunch of cool stuff in it- but it's a pale shadow of the 3e one. And I say this as a great fan of 4e; a lot of people will judge the book harshly just because it's a 4e...
  8. the Jester

    General Index of Dungeons and Dragons Monsters?

    Okay, I am impressed- I just learned that the chagmat got incorporated into the Creature Catalogue. I did not know that before, and I love those guys. The adventure that originally featured them is one of the first adventures I ever ran, and I've converted them to every edition since.
  9. the Jester

    General Index of Dungeons and Dragons Monsters?

    I've seen indices of 2e and 3e monsters, but never a complete one. That would be a very tall order, especially if you include all the monsters from adventures, Dragon and Dungeon magazine, etc. Also, at a certain point, you have to decide how 'complete' you really want to be- do you, for...
  10. the Jester

    General How many D&D groups are you currently in?

    Depends on what you mean by different groups. I'm running seven different groups of characters in my D&D game, but all of them have significant player overlap- there are only four players unique to one group. I also play in two groups; even given that all of the players and the DM of one of them...
  11. the Jester

    5E Unearthed Arcana: Drakewarden and Way of the Ascendant Dragon

    I foresee a chance of a 5e Draconomicon on the horizon...
  12. the Jester

    General Dragonlance's Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman Are Suing WotC for Breach of Contract

    Speaking for myself, I hate Drow as pcs- they are mysterious, unknown, demon-worshipping monsters in my campaign- and won't allow Drow pcs in my game. My hatred of kender vastly outweighs my hate for Drow pcs. I think the hatred of kender is very widespread, just based on my anecdotal...
  13. the Jester

    General Ideas for other Orcish religions/cultures that are alternatives to the Gruumshite religion

    Yeah, I have used ancestor worship as a part of my orcish culture for quite some time. One interesting element that I use is the tradition of making weapons, especially magic ones, from the bones of one's ancestors- swords from thigh bones, axe heads from pelvises, etc.
  14. the Jester

    5E How Wotc can improve the adventure books.

    Seriously, this is a huge issue for me in some of the published adventures. If the maps in an adventure are hard to use, that makes it about 80% less likely that I will ever bother to run it, and that's 75% of the reason I bought the damn thing. While they were boring looking and less pretty...
  15. the Jester

    5E Is This Legendary Sword Overpowered?

    Time is passing. Maybe that means nothing and they're free to rest. But maybe it means that the one pc who got bit by a vargouille is that much closer to dying, or they are likely to have another random encounter or five (unless they find a safe place to hole up!), or the guy they are trying to...
  16. the Jester

    5E Miniature Collecting and Use

    I love minis, and have hundreds (mostly the old randomized plastic 3e era ones, but a healthy collection of others too). I am fine with swapping in substitutes for whatever I am running; not having the proper mini has never stopped me from using a monster! I find terrain to have one major...
  17. the Jester

    5E Is This Legendary Sword Overpowered?

    There's no reason one game day can't take place over multiple sessions.
  18. the Jester

    5E Is This Legendary Sword Overpowered?

    The two things I will comment on are the save DCs and the instant death mechanic. First, save DCs for items are typically set by the item's rarity, with legendary items having a save DC of 19. If you deviated from this on purpose, cool; but if not, be aware that that is the default. Second...
  19. the Jester

    Rewatching the Batman movies

    The thing that made me realize that they'd really missed who Superman is in Man of Steel was the scene where he steals clothes off a line. Him killing Zod to save everyone around him? That I can see- a regrettable necessity to prevent massive loss of life. Him stealing clothing for the sake...
  20. the Jester

    General Are you a DM?

    Yes. I mostly dm, though I've been playing in a few games lately as well. Seeing how a classic cleric/fighter/magic-user multiclass works in 5e with one pc (so far so good, level 4) and trying out a rogue in the other (I love tactical options, and Cunning Action is absolutely the most tactical...