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  1. BenBrown

    Adventure: Three Queens in Allaria (DM: BenBrown, Judge: Covaithe)

    Three Queens in Allaria An Adventure for Characters Beginning at Levels 3 - 4 Player Characters: Pharodeys (Mewness) Living Statue Shaman 3 (Leader) Sound of Stone (rb780nm) Thri-Kreen Monk 4 (Striker) Jarro "Spider" Sarak (Tenchuu) Half-Orc Slayer 4 (Striker) Tyris (VanderLegion) Shade...
  2. BenBrown

    Adventure: Get Me to the Church on Time (DM: BenBrown, Judge: Renau1g)

    Get Me to the Church on Time An Adventure for Levels 1 - 2 Player Characters: Eraden Echo (Eternal54) Half-Elf Paladin 2 (Defender) *Inactive after Encounter #4* Ingvar Goldenhorn (Mewness) Minotaur Hybrid Cleric/Runepriest 1 (Leader) Graval Metalrent (horticulture) Dwarf Fighter 1 (Defender)...
  3. BenBrown

    Adventure: A Fish Story (DM: BenBrown; Judge: renau1g)

    A Fish Story An Adventure for Levels 1 - 2 Characters: Abigail (wik) Human Swordmage (Defender/Striker) accompanied by her Flame Dragonling familiar, Azuras Alastair Feyd (auberon) Gnome Warlock (Striker) Dante (Iron Sky) Human Ranger (Striker) accompanied by his Devil Lizard companion, Virgil...
  4. BenBrown

    D20 Cyclopedia

    Has anyone tried putting this together: A D20 version of Rules Cyclopedia-type D&D. Keep the restricted classes, cut down on the number of options for greater simplicity--but everything else is D20 and 3E compatible? The only real tricky part I can see is putting together a single "Elf" class...