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  1. Amazing Triangle

    Winter Holiday Gaming

    I have heard in different podcast of winter games that groups have played. They are along the theme that a version of "Santa" and his "Elves" and maybe even his "Reindeer" are doing something to the world. Can anyone help a make with an idea or two? I know everyone wants to debate the...
  2. Amazing Triangle

    How do I? Looking for a rule

    How do I take something off another character in 4e? And as well how do you sunder in 4e? Pages Please
  3. Amazing Triangle

    Any pointers on this plot line?

    Alright this is what I am thinking of. Big Event: Ogre army led by "new threat" is marching towards major town and PC's town is in the way. Small Events: 1) Goblins and Kobolds are leaving the surrounding areas and trying to find a new home and new food supplies. 2) In the Sewers of the City...
  4. Amazing Triangle

    4E Non-Euclidean Geometry in 4E?

    I am okay with the 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 diagonals. For years I actually didn't know any different. Guess it all stems from not having a map the first 2 years of playing. So now it feels cumbersome to play with the 1-2-1-2-1-2 rules that seem counter to what you would think. Yeah sure you can use...
  5. Amazing Triangle

    Need help with Wish?

    Ever have a DM that made you carefully word that wish you are going make? Ever have a DM twist the words of your wish against you? Ever wish you could make Wish work for you? http://homeonthestrange.com/phpBB2/viewforum.php?f=4&sid=6cffe88f15eb8044d0da5f43f885a314 This forum is for help...
  6. Amazing Triangle

    4E What has you excited about 4e?

    I am looking forward to seeing the Fighter being worth playing in the higher levels. That you get rewarded for playing your character in combat. That they are getting rid of that whole ECL nonsense. I love the fact that playing a race actually means something other than just +/- to stats...
  7. Amazing Triangle

    Help me with the story of this Elf

    I have created a very studious Elven Archivist. He is very into books, loremaster prestige class. I am not one who plays a high intelligence character often (usually Sorcerers or Fighters). This is a high level character (18) and well I am having trouble brain storming something that would keep...
  8. Amazing Triangle

    Help with a dual caster progression

    I am currently trying to make a Human Archivist 3/Wizard 3/Mystic Theurge 10/Heirophant 2 with the feats:Skill Focus (Concentration), Improved Initiative, Touch of Healing [Reserve], Eschew Materials, Heighten Spell, Acidic Splatter [Reserve], Craft Wondrous Item, Craft Wand. Granted I know...
  9. Amazing Triangle

    Summon Monster Monsters

    I have just finished my Cleric and well I have a question. The cleric I have has the Summoning Domain and domain spontaneity. So what are good monsters that are not in the PHB as summon monster monsters that are good and what level are they cast at? If you have a link to all the extra...
  10. Amazing Triangle

    Can you help me with a Cleric?

    I have a 32 point buy character and more than likely an 18th level character. I wanted to know what the community thought would be a good solid (non-DMM) cleric. (Non-DMM, cause it is banned). I wanted something that can be played at any level and fits as both healer and tank. If anyone...
  11. Amazing Triangle

    Help me choose the right character!!

    Well I am about to join a group at level 13. They have two Characters from the Bo9S, a cleric, a sorcerer, and a ranger. They need a skill monkey or a precision based damage dealer. Here are my stats: 14, 17, 13, 13, 17, 18 I have compiled a list of builds that I liked: Bard 7/Druid 6...
  12. Amazing Triangle

    Raging Cleric

    I have a concept of a Dwarven Barbarian 1/Cleric 1, but I don't know where to go from here nor do I know what feats to take. I looked at Augment Healing, Extra Rage, Extend Rage, Power Attack, Leap Attack, Divine Spell Power, Extend Spell, Persistent Spell Stats: 14 Str, 14 Dex, 16 Con, 10...
  13. Amazing Triangle

    Can someone help me with a Tome of Battle tank?

    Since the book is new I thought I would ask the opinion of the boards: I was thinking to play a Sword sage Crusader or Warblade from level 20 from level 2. I was thinking a tank replacer kind of character. My problem is what maneuvers do I choose? What schools do I take maneuvers in? What...
  14. Amazing Triangle

    Garthan: The Destroyer of Light

    I found this name on a Tom and Jerry Movie, and well this is what I thought of. He introduced himself as Garthan the destroyer of light, whose car was powered by the screaming of a thousand tortured souls. I want to make a character (Evil of course) that would be worthy of the name Garthan...
  15. Amazing Triangle

    Building a new world and I want your input

    I am building a new world and I have worked up a new map. There are 25 islands all are very small with only enough room for 1 to 2 towns. There is one large island with between 5 to 10 towns. The thing about the world is that I am unsure of what to do for cities. I have decided that once...
  16. Amazing Triangle

    Does Precocious Apprentice really work like this?

    I was thinking of making a Mystic Theurge. Thing is I want to focus mostly on Clerical abilities. While studying Complete Arcane I came across Precocious Apprentice (pg 181). It allows you access to one 2nd level spell of your arcane casting class. So I have seen an opening for neat combos...
  17. Amazing Triangle

    Please Help Me With Cleric Spell Choice

    I am playing a 17th level Cleric for the first time and I don't know what spells to choose. I have decided that I want the Strength and Healing domains. I just, with the volume of spells out there, don't know what to choose. Does anyone know some good spells to prepare?
  18. Amazing Triangle

    3E/3.5 New classes for DnD 3.5

    Either these are great or no one has anything to say about them... Sweet I made a balanced Jedi Class! :: Does the made something cool dance ::
  19. Amazing Triangle

    3E/3.5 New classes for DnD 3.5

    These are my Jedi in 3.5 Dungeons and Dragons world. They were a 10 week brain child. I haven’t had the chance to play test the sentinel the other two seemed balanced but what do I know. Any constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated. Guardian Guardian HD: d10 BAB: As Fighter Saves...
  20. Amazing Triangle

    3E/3.5 Using D&D 3.5 rules only, how would you simulate a Jedi?

    Sorry for the delay but here are my Jedi type classes any additions to the Consular's list of powers or any feedback would be greatly enjoyed.