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  1. tetsujin28

    Weres: are there clear rules for PCs?

    Since we know that CR and character level don't really mix well, are there rules published by WotC (only) for creating characters who are werecreatures? The werebear is the type under question, but if there's clear rules for others, that'd be great, too.
  2. tetsujin28

    Sneak attack/skirmish/etc: How often?

    How often can you perform these attacks in a round? I seem to recall it being only once, but I can't for the life of me find the reference.
  3. tetsujin28

    d20 Spectaculars

    I'm sure this has been brought up, but what ever happened to d20 Spectaculars? Last I heard, it was going to have Mike Mearls on its design team. Now the link on WotC's own boards doesn't work. Has some incredibly cruel twist of fate caused it to be dumped?
  4. tetsujin28

    Dragonstar: How was it?

    Pretty much what the post says. Is it worth getting? Better to convert over to d20M?
  5. tetsujin28

    Freeport: Impressions and caveats?

    I just purhased the collection of the three main Freeport modules, and it looks pretty good. I was just wondering if anyone has any observations or warnings concerning the module, so that I don't end up completely slaughtering the party :) I'll have a gang of six players, so I know that in...
  6. tetsujin28

    Prestige classes and familiars

    Are levels in arcane PrCs that give the "+1 level blah blah" ability considered to stack with levels in other arcane classes for the purposes of familiars? I'm inclined to say no, but since our group isn't big on arcane casters, this is the first time it's come up.
  7. tetsujin28

    [D&D]Psionics only -- anyone tried it?

    Has anyone run a game where psionics were the only form of non-physical power (no arcane or divine magic), ala Kurtz's Deryni novels? If so, what were your experiences, and any stuff to watch out for?
  8. tetsujin28

    True Believer: what's the real bonus?

    Is it +2 or +3? It's a lame feat, either way, but it'd be nice to know which.
  9. tetsujin28

    [D&D]"Complete" books: worth it?

    Pretty much what it says. Are the Complete series (Arcane, Divine, Warrior, Adventurer) worth picking up? Anything to watch out for, such as broken feats or prestige classes?
  10. tetsujin28

    Eberron - things to watch out for?

    I just picked up Eberron today, and I like it a lot. But I don't have any prior experience playing it, so I'm wondering if those who have played/run it have any caveats or monitory advice?
  11. tetsujin28

    3E/3.5 Wands in 3.5

    I haven't played a magic us...er...wizard in some 20 years. I can't figure out something: In 3.5, can you recharge wands/staves/rods, anymore? 'Cause if you can't, that makes them a bit gimped, especially in a 'low cash' campaign.
  12. tetsujin28

    Building Traps

    Are there any rules for PC construction of traps, other than the ones in the DMG? Those concentrate on the type you might find in a castle or dungeon. I need info on the kind of improvised traps that the VC or the guys in Predator would have come up with (snares, spike pits dug in earth...
  13. tetsujin28

    [Dark Legacies]Anyone played it?

    So, the Dark Legacies (http://www.redspirepress.com/products.htm) stuff looks pretty interesting. Does anyone have any actual experience of it?
  14. tetsujin28

    I'm bored. That's right. Bored.

    Where are all the really cool discussions that used to happen on this board? Somewhere between the transfer (where I lost a bunch of posts), things seemed to have bogged down. I could be looking at a board for any system. Where are all the cool ideas, the posters that used to rattle off cool...
  15. tetsujin28

    Anyone got Mindshadows?

    I was wondering what people's impressions of it were. And if it was easily adaptable to getting rid of the fantasy races (elves, dwarves, &c).
  16. tetsujin28


    It appears that personal messaging doesn't work on these boards. I'll be arriving in Durham on the afternoon of Oct. 2nd. I've heard from a friend of mine that the Shakespeare has gone downhill. Want to meet up for a drink in the undercroft @ Castle, after I grab a shower and something to eat?
  17. tetsujin28

    Too Many Little Sticky Thingies!

    All this buttons and stickers are making my head hurt :confused:
  18. tetsujin28

    Githzerai stats

    How are you supposed to figure out a PC githzerai's stats? There are no stat adjustments in Manual of the Planes, and there's no mention of them in Savage Species. And yet, they're ECL+2.
  19. tetsujin28

    DR and poison

    I couldn't seem to find anything to cover this. Suppose someone is hit by a tiny viper that does 1 pt. of damage, and has poison. Would someone with DR 1 (from any source) have to make the save? My instinct would be not, but I'm wondering.
  20. tetsujin28

    [Meta] What's with the boards being so hinky?

    Seems like they break down a lot more than they used to.