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  1. Cthulhugh

    1E What system pick to run Tomb of Horrors 1E

    So DTrpg has Tomb of Horrors available as a POD: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/176871/S1-Tomb-of-Horrors-1e?src=sub I was wondering if you were going to play ToH and you were picking a retro-clone what system would you pick? I have a few retro clones on my shelf and I've heard around...
  2. Cthulhugh

    5E Dire Wolves.... Curse of Strahd,cant find the stats/write-up for them!!

    So on page 29 in the CoS book one of the random encounters is 1d6 dire wolves, the "dire wolves" text is bold indicating the description of the die wolves is in the MM however I cant find it anywhere. Would some kind soul point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance.
  3. Cthulhugh

    Looking for a particular RPG Driving me Crazy!!

    Hi gang, yet again another plea to you wonderful people to point me in the right direction.Recently I read about an Indy? rpg,the artwork was a circle of black spheres and the plot involved people waking up (50?) with no memory and having to decide which one of the people had to die. I know...
  4. Cthulhugh

    HELP! I need Bronn created from “A song of Ice and Fire Role Playing”

    HELP! I need Bronn created from “A song of Ice and Fire Role Playing” Hi everyone, I have the entire family (except for me) down with the flu at the moment and I need a kick arse character for SIFRP by Friday, I’d like to create the character Bronn...
  5. Cthulhugh

    Recommend a Spaceship survival scenario please.

    I was wondering if any of you have heard of a one shot/short centered around escaping/surviving from a spaceship infested with ghosts/monsters etc. I just had a hankering for just such a type of scenario and was wondering if such a thing exists. My group hasn’t played Savage Worlds rule set so...
  6. Cthulhugh

    Find this zombie rpg for me please!!

    Hi, I was looking at a description somewhere of an Zombie rpg, zombie wasn’t in the title and I think it had a bloody hand on the cover. It looked intriguing and do you think I can find it anywhere...? Nope. Any help would be much appreciated.
  7. Cthulhugh

    SLA Industries Core Rulebook wanted Badly!

    Hi Gang, our GM has introduced us to the the wonderful universe of "Progress" in an ongoing campaign so I'm looking for a bound edition of the S.L.A Core Rulebook (2007) edition. The rulebook is quite hard to come by and I'm willing to pay quite bit to get hold of a copy,just not the...
  8. Cthulhugh

    Disable ads?

    Hi, I’ve just subscribed to this awesome site and I noticed on the ad for subscription as one of the perks a “disable ads” Does this happen automatically or is it a option I can’t find? I’ve had a squiz at the FAQ’s and about the site, I may have missed it and it’s probably staring me in the...