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    Guild Wars 4-year update

    What do people think of the new Guild Wars stuff they've added in for their 4th birthday? Fourth Anniversary content update - Guild Wars Wiki (GWW) It's pretty cool, I have to say. I hadn't touched GW for a year at least, but this has got me playing again. Hooked up with Nom (I think) and had...
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    Gamasutra's lost interview w/Dave Arneson

    Originally done in 2004, apparently, but only being published now. Gamasutra - News - Dungeons & Dragons' Arneson: The Lost Interview
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    Wait, what? PC is writing a Dungeon adventure?

    It would seem so: Dungeon #164 Table of Contents Man! Now I really have to get my gear in shape for that campaign I've been planning for OVER 9000 YEARS!
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    Time to dump the "unofficial 4E info page" link?

    It's still there at the top of the 4E rules forum. http://www.enworld.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=319
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    Forked Thread: Do nonmagical 1/day abilities damage suspension of disbelief?

    Forked from: Do nonmagical 1/day abilities damage suspension of disbelief? So the fluff won't win the Pulitzer prize. Hm, hit fork instead of quick reply. Can someone merge this back with the other thread? AdvTHANKSance!
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    Weapon damage mods

    Which modifiers go inside the [ ], and which outside? Ability modifier - outside (obviously) Versatile - outside Enhancement/magic weapon - inside Weapon Focus - inside? Others - inside?
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    When do Dragon and Dungeon go subscriber-only?

    As the title says. How much longer before our freebies go away?
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    Played Keep on the Shadowfell

    Meeting Irontooth: 10 XP Fighting Irontooth: 200 XP Rolling a natural 20 on Irontooth with a [3w] daily power: priceless Now, Irontooth lived through it and knocked both me (warlord) and the paladin out cold 3 rounds later, but we took him down in the end. I'm still basking in the afterglow...
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    Make me a warlord

    So, we should be playing KotS this weekend. I've decided to try something different and play a warlord for a change. We'll see how long it takes before I get bored and go back to my usual munchy striker schtick. I've also been reminded of how annoying that annoying player was who made me quit...
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    4E is for casuals, D&D is d0med

    Peter Seebach says it better than me: 4E and the Wii
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    Build me a katana + trenchcoat guy

    So, how would you build a katana + trenchcoat guy in 4E? AKA, big sword/light armour. No books here, or I'd do it myself.
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    Nature spirits

    You know, the things that show up in folk culture and religion in all sorts of places, but are first statted out in OA. The spirits that inhabit the soil, trees, stones, clouds, storms, and in fact almost anything you can put a name to. In OA, they were fey, but in 4E, perhaps they should...
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    Steps to an ad-hoc skill challenge

    Doesn't seem too hard to whip up a skill challenge on the fly. 1. Decide the objective. This should not be something immediate, but longer-term. Things like "traverse the wilderness to get to the city", "find out more about the town's troubles", "learn the secrets of how to build a skyship"...
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    4E Stunting in 4E

    Just brainstorming.... For all those wacky things PCs want to pull in or out of combat, but aren't specifically covered in the rules. 1. Player describes what he wants to do. Any given stunt description can only be used once per encounter. Tactical handwave: the bad guys catch on; cinematic...
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    Top Gun Theme + Macross

    Stick around for the ending.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VcLl6f_Mfu4
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    Happy birthday!

    To all our spambots! No, not me. Shut up, you lot.
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    So, it seems all but certain that there will be a 4E psi book at some point. Will they ditch the snot? I can take the New Age crystal stuff, as long as they ditch the snot. Please, WotC, ditch the snot.
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    Gleemax forums bug?

    Lately whenever I try to access the Gleemax forums, I get an error message from Firefox: The page isn't redirecting properly Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete. * This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling...
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    Cubicle whiteboard: Book titles we'll never [use]

    Check it out, I actually found a Gleemax blog! http://www.gleemax.com/Comms/Pages/Communities/BlogPost.aspx?blogpostid=42476&pagemode=2&blogid=2126
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    Undead taxonomy

    Having got the Worlds & Monsters book (which reinforces my belief that it's a good time to be WotC's bitch), I was just wondering how the 1e6 different undead species might be categorised. Body only: skeleton, zombie Body + animus: wight, ghoul <-- no soul = no superego = kill, kill, kill...