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    OD&D On the Origins of Classes (1e, OD&D)

    Was the 1e thief’s scroll use from Vance/Zelanzy, or from the Mouser?
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    Critical Role Could Critical Role launch their own RPG?

    I’m in the “why would they?” camp. Shifting away from D&D to a self made RPG would be akin to a video game company abandoning Unreal to make their own engine. Sure, it can happen. But why would the business incur the additional cost if it could spend that money on additional IP?
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    Please identify these miniatures

    Yep. If I remember correctly, those are bearded devils from the initial Planescape days. EDIT: Check here. It's near the bottom of the page, "11-654 Barbazu."
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    3E/3.5 Your take on Mirror Image, 3.0 or 3.5

    Yoink! I've always envisioned mirror image as a bunch of copies of the caster that move independently, constantly shifting in and out of the caster's true position in order to confuse an attacker. Having a 3rd level version that simply increases the area of effect of the spell (the area in...
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    3E/3.5 Wow! Look at this awesome new unofficial 3E news site!

    Eric - Thanks for starting this thing rolling. Russ - Thanks for keeping it alive. I don't think I can repay either of you for what this community you founded and fostered has meant to me.
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    3E/3.5 Point me towards an alternate Hit Point system for Pathfinder/D&D3.5

    My comment was in response to "I'm beginning to see why WotC never messed with the HP system," so that's the context in which it was meant. WotC has actually flirted with different HP systems, but keeps coming back to good ol' hit points because there's a vocal plurality that doesn't like the...
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    3E/3.5 Point me towards an alternate Hit Point system for Pathfinder/D&D3.5

    Aside from the complexity, death spirals can be infuriating for most players. That's reason enough for WotC to shy away.
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    Old Appearances in Dragon's Forum!

    So I was reading through some old Dragon issues, and ran across a letter in the Forum from our own JoeGKushner. It occurred to me that Dragon's Forum was the only outlet back then for the kinds of discussions we have here today. So who else from the board participated in the debates of...
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    3E/3.5 [3.5] alternates to Freedom of Movement?

    Ideas: Summon things to tie up the tentacles. It'll make the player feel like those tentacles are useful, while still allowing Big Evil to wallop the party. Better, summon things to grapple the Warlock. Ride a beast into battle who's only action would be to ready an action to move whenever the...
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    4E Will errata ever be incorporated in 4E books?

    Once WotC gets over their PDF fears, I can see them moving to a print-on-demand service for DDI subscribers. Giving people the ability to purchase printed rules snapshots - not just updated for errata but also for additional content - would be a nice little moneymaker. Something similar might...
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    4E From the 4e MM preview: Astraljamming?!

    This thread reminds me of the classic pulpy spaceship design of the githyanki cruiser in Fedifensor.
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    4E So I cornered a 4e playtester...

    Question addendum - if the xp you got from waterboa..., er, defeating your enemy was enough to put you up a level, what mechanics did you use and what class did you go up in?
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    4E Your plans for 4e

    IIRC, the SRD used for Creature Collection was something of a proto-SRD - more gentleman's agreement than codified license.
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    4E David Noonan on 4E "Cloudwatching" (Added Dave's newest comment from his blog)

    I'm curious as to how many editions of D&D you saw during the 2e era.
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    Ohio Gameday 6 - October 20th - Please check new game cancellations!

    Feeling the post-GenCon blues? Need a gaming fix more than your weekly group can provide? Then come up-north/down-south/to-the-east/to-the-west and attend OHIO GAMEDAY 2007! When? October 20, 2007 Where? The Bookery Fantasy, in Fairborn (Dayton) Ohio Who? YOU! GM signup starts TODAY, so if...
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    Ohio Gameday - Feb 24, 2007 - Fun was had by one and all!

    Hey! Is it that time of year again already? Well yes it is! We've got the space, we've got the date, and this time we've got a sponsor! When? February 24, 2007, from about 10 AM until 11 PM. Where? Bookery Fantasy, one of the Friendliest LGSs I've ever seen, and located in Fairborn, Ohio just...
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    Those funny n00bies

    New gamers are a constant source of joy for me. I love seeing people new to gaming have those "aha!" moments, and I think everyone likes to see the look on a person's face the first time they lay some smackdown on a baddie. But what I like most are the completely silly things first time gamers...
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    Tell me why I'm wrong about grappling. Please.

    OK, so I've been going over the benefits of grappling in the SRD and ran across a troubling though. Let's start with the SRD text about initiating and completeing a grapple. OK let's look at this, using, say, a monk of 11th level (BAB +8), with Improved Grapple and a Strength of 18. We'll call...
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    Warforged and the Monk - doable?

    OK, with our 4 year campaign getting ready for wrap up over the next few months, I'm looking at all sorts of characters, some more run of the mill than others. But this latest idea isn't (for me) old hat, and I'd like to get some opinions about how some of the abilites jive. First off, some...
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    What's your favorite NEW story hour?

    Piratecat, Sepulchrave, Destan, Sagiro - long time readers of the story hour forum know these names all too well. They're like the anchor stores in the SH Mall (as for who's Sears and Who's Macy's, I don't know!), and when they update the crowds will come to read. But what about smaller story...