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  1. Creed2347

    5E Godly blessings/boons

    I'm thinking about creating an adventure or campaign the involves gaining a blessing or boon of a god/goddess and traversing fraxonous as a dungeon crawler adventurer type play and run into strange and off the wall kind of stuff like a hireling stealing stuff to sell on the side. Or another...
  2. Creed2347

    5E Creating a half-Vampire race

    I like the creation of a null ability of the zendikar but a I don't think a half-vampire should be able to create a null so I might change it to the command or charm person spell as a race ability.
  3. Creed2347

    5E Creating a half-Vampire race

    Thanks for the hyperlink. It's a good start but the reason I used the shifter is to create a vampire variety of the weretouched. But I do like the bloodthirsty stats better than mine
  4. Creed2347

    5E Creating a half-Vampire race

    Ok. So I decided to create a half-Vampire race for a d&d adventure and was wanting some feedback, balancing and suggestions on what I have so far (heavily shifter race based). Half-Vampire Ability Score: N/A Size: Medium Speed: 30 __________________________________________ Age...
  5. Creed2347

    General Favorite Characters

    As the title suggests, let me know your favorite characters from PC's to NPC's you or your GM created and why. What makes them resonate with you? What was so special about them that made them stand out? Have you ever left your usual playstyle and found you enjoy the other style too or perhaps...
  6. Creed2347

    General An on the spot encounter.

    So my players found their way into a flower garden on their way to fight the boss. The idea was to have no enemies and allow them to get a sneak attack on the enemies inside, but like any d&d group they did the unexpected and one picked a flower. So I decided to make an encounter out of it. When...
  7. Creed2347

    5E Can you twin booming blade

    As far as I am concerned, the spell states that you must make a weapon attack as a part of the casting of the spell. Since the spell states that you attack a twinning is totally eligible. Now I can see why it would depend on the DM because this essentially gives your character Multiattack...
  8. Creed2347

    5E Paladin/rogue multiclass.

    Ok. A little more info on the characters. We have a lvl 10 tabaxi rogue (I think thief archetype), who will probably be using ranged attacks to preserve his hit points. a lvl 10 monk of the long death, (don't remember the race) probably using fists or a quarterstaff. The backstory is a...
  9. Creed2347

    5E Paladin/rogue multiclass.

    So I got railroaded into multiclassing 3 lvls of rogue or monk. I chose rogue and the other 7 lvls in paladin. I was thinking oath of redemption but was wondering what would be a good complement to that as a rogue archetype.
  10. Creed2347

    5E Warlock Spell Combos

    I'm trying to build a lvl 6 melee hexblade warlock and was wondering if there were any good spell combos available (damage wise) out there.