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  1. jbear

    Calrifications on Moderator Comments

    Hi Morrus, As per your moderator request/suggestion, I am moving the query I have regarding your recent mod comments made on my posts to the 'meta' thread. I don't want there to be any bad feelings, just want clarification on certain things you wrote that are not self evident. What exactly do...
  2. jbear

    Proposal: Adding the Crystal Isles with a connection to the Isle of Opposition

    I'll just copy paste this from the general thread, as I've reread Mewness' suggestion which included starting a thread about the topic. I'll copy paste my post in the general thread: For my adventure 'A Call for Lovers' I want to place a group of islands on the map called the Crystal Isles...
  3. jbear

    [OOC Discussion] A Call for Lovers (DM: jbear Judge??)

    Okay h¡ guys, lets do a roll call: "A Call for Lovers" 1: LordGraz'zt (creating PC; nearly finished) lvl 1: Striker 2: treex (creating Watersoul Genasi Scout) lvl 1: Striker 3: Neil1889 ( nearly complete Rain, Tiefling Shielding Swordmage) lvl 1: Defender 4: Daeja (in process of creating...
  4. jbear

    [Adventure] A Call for Lovers (DM: jbear Judge:Lord Sessadore)

    A Call for Lovers A medium Living 4th Edition adventure, designed for 5-6 1st level characters. A Call for Lovers is set in a group of trade islands called the Crystal Isles somewhere on the trade route between the Jade kingdoms and Daunton over the course of a few weeks. GM: jbear Judge: Lord...
  5. jbear

    PBP Gaming: Do you know about ENWorlds living PBP Worlds?

    Hi there folks, as I saw a thread here looking for Play By Post gaming I thought I would ask the question: Have you checked out ENWorlds living worlds? They are PBP areas of this website designed for ... well play-by-post gaming (of course) :) I can recommend both Living Pathfinder (LPF) and...
  6. jbear

    How to Handle a Druid's Animal Companion

    I need some advice on the Druid's Animal companion. The Druid I have built is geared for melee (Wild Shape) at the cost of his Charisma (7). So now his Handle Animal check is very low: 1 Rank 3 Class ability +4 bonus from Empathy and -2 Charisma =+6 So I need to roll a 14 to make my Cheetah...
  7. jbear

    Online Games using Maptool: Need advice from the Pros

    Howdy, I have a few questions about maptool, as I gear up to carry on my tabletop campaign online after a move from one side of the earth to the other. Many are system generic so I decided to post here in the general forum rather than the 4e forum, though I do have one system specific...
  8. jbear

    Have I shot my character in the foot? (Help with Wizard/Oracle build)

    Hi there people. I'm playing my first game of Pathfinder in a pbp game (LPF) here on EnWorld. I'm playing an human wizard who has been cursed by his former master and trapped in an old man's body until he unravels the karmic knots his youthful folly has caused. In short, his backstory is...
  9. jbear

    LPF: Wizards and studying spells outside of Pbp adventures

    Sorry, please ignore. I found the appropriate place for my query. Apologies.
  10. jbear

    Passing on the Torch: A Saturday Afternoon Kids/Parents game

    This Saturday Afternoon we inaugerated our first game of 'Kids Dungeons' and we all had a blast! The 'we' I refer to are the players from my weekly 4e game and their kids: My wife, Judith and our 5 year old son H, our barbarian Javi and his 7 year old daughter L, and our cleric Mar and her 5...
  11. jbear

    A Journey to There and Back (My experiences learning how to make skill challenges)

    Skill challenges were a mechanic that I liked the idea of from the moment I read them. I’m not a mathematician so I didn’t see any inherent flaws, 4e was brand new and I hadn’t played the game yet, so just the idea of having a system to reward players for being heroic outside of bloody combat...
  12. jbear

    Dark Sun Encounters: Sub-Par Characters

    With out giving any spoilers please* I was wondering if there is some note included for the DM as to why the characters have been built to such a sub-par standard. Do characters in the Dark Sun Setting have less Healing Surges than normal characters? Or is it an error? I'm playing Yuka, the...
  13. jbear

    Battle Card

    When my group first began playing 4e I made personalised Power Cards for each of my 5 players using the MSE program. They were gorgeous. But it became unwieldy as they increased level and received more and more magic items. Now what I have done is print off the 9 card page with the MSE and left...
  14. jbear

    The Broken Realms

    Why do so many stories start in bars? Dark, seedy bars full of smoke, sweat and forget? Maybe it's because when you are desperate, when you don't know where to find solace, you look for it at the bottom of a bottle. Maybe it's the fact that so many stories do begin there, that desperate people...
  15. jbear

    Polearm Gamble + White Lotus Master Riposte

    I've just been messing around building a Warlock/Runepriest Minotaur Hybrid and stumbled across what seems a pretty brutal combination. Wrathful Hammer: +CON dmg vs enemies that hit you Paragon Path: Hammer of Vengeance: Immeadiate reaction melee basic attack vs adjacent enemy that hits ally...
  16. jbear

    Places to buy cool props for your game that other people may not have thought of yet

    I walked into a pet shop with my son the other day for a bit of fish gazing, when I noticed all the really cool ancient ruins and sunken treasure aquarium decorations that they were selling. They weren't exactly cheap, but I thought they could really add some character to an encounter if someone...
  17. jbear

    VCC Virtual Combat Cards: why can't I get it to work?

    Somewhat frustrated I turn to the wise for help. I downloaded the Zip file for the new version of teh VCC program. I extracted the content and ran the program from the .bat icon which started it up. I did that because nothing else seemed to work. Did I do the right thing? Then I loaded...
  18. jbear

    Does the Barbarian's Howling Strike Stack with the Horned Helm

    So the barabarian's howling Strike At Will power does 1[W] + 1d6 +STR dmg... and can be used on a charge (giving a +1 to Atk). The Horned Helm gives +1d6 on a charge. So do they Stack into 1[w] +1d6+ STR +1d6? That's mighty powerful especially as my Barbarian/Paladin Hybrid has a Beserker Weapon...
  19. jbear

    Anyone know of any 4e adventures translated into Spanish

    I'm a DM that has been dying to play for years. I have managed to interest 2 of my players in giving DMing a crack. Unfortunately, I live in Spain and all my players are Spanish. They can struggle through with English but it's tough. I was wondering if anyone knows of any 4e adventures...