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  1. J

    5E 3 Classic Settings Coming To 5E?

    Greyhawk is my favorite setting, but I feel it's been rendered for parts at this point, and I've accepted that. Dark Sun is my next favorite setting. This has to happen. I think this will work as a campaign setting book. But why not a boxed set? One can dream. Dragonlance would work as a...
  2. J

    General Typical procedure after character death?

    Personally I think it's important that a player can keep playing their character if they want. There isn't a way to stop it mechanically, since they can just roll up a clone, which leads to a lot of dissonance. I would just knock out/defeat/capture the character instead of killing, until a...
  3. J

    Congratulations to the 2020 ENnies Winners!

    Can’t believe I didn’t know about Zombie World. That’s like my dream game come true, rules wise.
  4. J

    WotC Adventure Begins: A New Dungeons and Dragons Boardgame

    This looks weird and cheap. I'm in!
  5. J

    Release Monte Cook’s Numenera setting comes to 5e with Beneath the Monolith

    How much of the art in Beneath the Monolith is new?
  6. J

    The Plastic Ancestry of the Rust Monster

    That dime-store bag of monsters must be worth it's weight in gold to collectors these days.
  7. J

    PF2E Here's What's Coming For Pathfinder Over The Coming Year

    I believe it's Abomination Vaults. Had to look it up though to be sure, RPG's are good at using words I've never heard of.
  8. J

    Graveyard Shift is a free WH40K: Wrath & Glory Adventure

    Yikes, that's quite the grimdark intro! I'm sort of fascinated by the 40k setting, but I haven't found a reason why I'd want to roleplay in it.
  9. J

    Monte Cook Games’ Next Kickstarter Is Ptolus (for 5E and Cypher)

    I'm guessing you already knew this, but for the other people's sake, the extras for Ptolus included a 6 page, 300+ item random encounter list that had a matrix of results based on the quarter of the city and the time of day.
  10. J

    5E so, mountain dwarf wizards...

    Ah well maybe we should start discussing dwarven (thread) necromancers! I feel a new character concept coming on!
  11. J

    'DC Universe All Star Games' Is A New RPG Show Featuring Freddie Prinze Jr and Sam Witwer

    Welp now I have to go find my DC Heroes boxed set and check it out again. I'm pretty sure I hated it in the 80's but I was a big Marvel Heroes RPG fan at the time.
  12. J

    General Companies Cut Ties With Judges Guild After Owner's Racist Posts

    What gets me is not that he post something racist, it's that seven people liked it. His facebook is a bubble where that kind of talk is completely normal.
  13. J

    Talking 52 in 52 with Owen KC Stephens

    Ok I bit. I'm just too curious to see how this is going to work. That ridiculous amount of bonus pdfs didn't hurt either.
  14. J

    TSR TSR's "Designeritus"

    This explains a lot. Greyhawk adventures was the first D&D book I bought that disappointed me.
  15. J

    WotC Brand New D&D Video Game from WotC's New Acquisition Tuque Games

    I have Livelock, it's an ok sci fi twin stick shooter. Maybe they'll go for a diablo type game? Of course that was already tried with the wretched Daggerdale. We'll see.
  16. J

    General Generate a One Page Dungeon with One Click!

    Very nice. I like how the locks also generate the keys needed to open it.
  17. J

    Reaper Bones 5 live on kickstarter - a.k.a I'm gonna need a bigger boat (wallet)

    I haven't painted my minis from Bones 1, but the kickstarters are fun to follow.
  18. J

    So, I hate pdfs. Any advice on hating them less?

    Yes I have a 10 inch Kindle fire that I got for 100 bucks on prime day, and it's great for reading pdfs and comic books. I also agree with the D&D beyond compliments. I find I can have a character sheet in one browser tab and the players handbook in another, and it runs great.
  19. J

    So, I hate pdfs. Any advice on hating them less?

    Free when you print from work! :) Seriously though, if have a nice big tablet and it still isn't doing it for you, it's probably never going to. I still prefer books but I'm starting to come around on PDFs. I think they are better for rules books anyway.
  20. J

    General Gamer Stats From White Dwarf in the 80s

    Champions wasn't a thing in the UK?