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  1. blargney the second

    PF1E What quintessential 4e abilities would you convert to PF1 for this encounter?

    I have an idea for a series of encounters with creatures from outside space and time. To help drive that foreignness home, I'm going to convert a 3.5e beholder, mind flayer, and displacer beast to PF. I also want to have the PCs run afoul of a party of bad guys with a suite of abilities from 4e...
  2. blargney the second

    PF1E Questions about the use of wands

    1. Can a wand contain a spell of personal range? I'm thinking Shield for this set of questions, specifically. 2. Is there a verbal component, command word, or the like to activate a wand? Do they work in the area of a Silence spell? 3. Is there a somatic component to activate a wand, or some...
  3. blargney the second

    Bringing 5e elements into Pathfinder to deconfuse players

    We've got a couple of campaigns with weekly gaming sessions right now: one is Pathfinder and the other is 5e. I'm super happy with this arrangement, but there are a couple of players who are getting really confused with switching rulesets. They're at the point where the confusion is actually...
  4. blargney the second

    PF1E Need help pricing a magic item

    The rogue in my game swiped a weapon from a Leng ghoul in Carcosa, and it will soon become important to have an appropriate price for it. Here are the stats: Exotic light ranged weapon: 4d6 fire damage, 20/x2, range increment 10'. Targets touch AC, has 5 uses/day. I'm having a heck of a time...
  5. blargney the second

    PF1E PF Rules Question: Clay golem's cursed wound ability, supernatural healing, and remove curse

    We ended our game on Monday night just after an encounter with a nasty spellcasting clay golem. A couple of PCs had taken hefty damage from its slam attacks, and we were trying to figure out how to resolve healing their wounds. Clay golems in Pathfinder have an ability called Cursed Wounds...
  6. blargney the second

    Looking for a mini for a spiked shield fighter

    I finished my mini up a few weeks ago, but totally forgot to post an image. I was feeling a little whimsical, so I shot him against an old magazine cover. :) -blarg
  7. blargney the second

    Math-simplifying app or webpage to roll the bones for a single player

    One of my players has serious trouble doing arithmetic on the fly. Every time she rolls a die and adds a modifier it's a pretty major deal for her, and it's reducing her enjoyment of just playing the game. We're up to seventh level now, and each level's new, bigger modifiers makes it that much...
  8. blargney the second

    Looking for a mini for a spiked shield fighter

    I've got a PC who uses a spiked shield as his primary weapon, and I can't for the life of me find a mini that fits the bill. Does anybody here know of a similar figure in any product line? Characteristics that are important: - spiked shield as main weapon - male - he's half-elven, so human...
  9. blargney the second

    Challenge: Take a classic fairy tale, add a twist, make it adventure-ready

    Here's my challenge to you fine denizens of ENWorld: 1) Take a classic fairy tale. 2) Add a twist, but keep the core recognizable. 3) Make it useable for an adventuring party. Go, go , gadget RPG geniuses! -blarg
  10. blargney the second

    PF1E Kingmaker props: 3D Stag Lord's Fort

    I've built the Stag Lord's Fort in 3D using WotC's Dungeon Tiles and Terraclips: The whole thing is just two very solid pieces - the top floor is entirely removable, revealing the ground floor. One pack of Terraclips was enough to build all that. I'm debating picking up a second set so I can...
  11. blargney the second

    PF1E Rules Question: Pathfinder diviner wizard asleep during an ambush

    One of my players is playing a diviner. The party was ambushed while resting at night by some wolves who succeeded on their Stealth checks. The diviner was asleep when the attack began. The player insisted that his Forewarned special ability would wake him up so he could take an action during...
  12. blargney the second

    I accidentally found a nifty way to do exploration of a map

    Last night I had the very first game of the Kingmaker campaign I'm DMing. Exploration is the major theme of the first book in particular, and I accidentally found a cool way to pull that off. Step 1) I bought the Kingmaker map folio. It contains four large poster maps of the region the PCs...
  13. blargney the second

    House rule brainstorming: grappling sucks

    I haaaaate grappling in 3.X, and I'm about to start DMing a new PF campaign. It's far too complex, and I'd like to come up with some ideas to house rule it into the simplicity range of bull rush or overrun. I'd love to hear some ideas! -blarg
  14. blargney the second

    Terraclips: new life for my Dungeon Tiles

    I just picked up the box of Terraclips plastic clips from my FLGS. I had stopped using my sizable collection of WotC Dungeon Tiles because the setups tend to fall apart if you look at them funny, let alone move minis around. Now I can build solid 2D and 3D structures! 120 clips for $20 is a...
  15. blargney the second

    Recruiting and equipping armies: kingdom building rules

    I've been working on adjusting the kingdom building rules for an upcoming Kingmaker game. The latest area under my knife is setting up rules for hiring, equipping, and maintaining armies. The default mass combat system for the path left me underwhelmed, so I wanted to hook up KM's build point...
  16. blargney the second

    Looking for a free, private wiki service

    I'm doing a fairly serious overhaul of Kingmaker's kingdom building and mass combat rules. Once I've hammered out a few more details, I'll start compiling it into a resource for just my gaming group. I'm planning on using some copyrighted material from a few sources in the final form. To...
  17. blargney the second

    Population and demographics: kingdom building rules

    I'm currently tweaking bits of the kingdom building rules for an upcoming Kingmaker campaign. The particular component I'm fleshing out right now is the population and demographics. I would like to tie the kingdom/city building into sensible army recruiting as well as Pathfinder's rules for...