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  1. Jamdin

    No Second Season For Blade

    I thought it was too early to tell but according to THOcracy, Jill Wagner, who plays Krista on Blade: The Series broke the news yesterday on her MySpace page.
  2. Jamdin

    Pirate Family On ABC's Wife Swap

    Did anyone else catch the second hour of the season premiere of ABC's Wife Swap? I watched because I was out voted two to one (both my mother and sister are really into the series). I liked watching Tori "Mad Sally" Baur (read her article about the show at Keep to the Code) and Cap'n Slappy...
  3. Jamdin

    Jim Baen Passes Away

    Goodnight, Mr. Baen :(
  4. Jamdin

    NBC's Hercules

    Anybody planning to watch http://www.nbc.com/nbc/Hercules/ tonight? I plan on taping it since it is three hours long.
  5. Jamdin

    Carnivale's New Season

    Starts January 9th, 2005. HBO is running the first season starting this week.
  6. Jamdin

    USA's Frankenstein

    Did anyone else bother watching Frankenstein on USA? I thought it was a so-so pilot movie.
  7. Jamdin

    Whatever Happened to Kingdom Hospital?

    Okay, this is the third Thursday in a row that the show has not aired. Last week was due to a ballgame and this week was due to some news show featuring Oprah. I really want to throw the TV Guide at ABC for misleading me once again (I had my pretzels and lemon lime soda all set). I did do some...
  8. Jamdin

    King of the Hill 4-13-03

    Did anybody catch the first episode where Bobby Hill picks up a book from The Elves of Evermore series. It was a hoot and even funnier when he appears as a dwarf sharpening his battleaxe for battle. That would be a cool series of books to read.