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  1. BenBrown

    Adventure: Three Queens in Allaria (DM: BenBrown, Judge: Covaithe)

    I'm going to make some assumptions about where the PCs end up. rb780nm had Sound of Stone in I26 attacking creatures in J27 and H27, but they're not in J27 and H27 but rather in J21 and H21. I'm going to assume Sound of Stone is in I22, since he can't move farther than that without taking at...
  2. BenBrown

    Adventure: Three Queens in Allaria (DM: BenBrown, Judge: Covaithe)

    The sun is just past its noon point when the caravan gets moving again. Warily, the group makes its way through an ever thickening forest. Soon, the road starts descending slowly, and the sound of rushing water can be heard ahead. A clearing, perhaps indicating a river is visible ahead...
  3. BenBrown

    Adventure: Three Queens in Allaria (DM: BenBrown, Judge: Covaithe)

    Three Queens in Allaria An Adventure for Characters Beginning at Levels 3 - 4 Player Characters: Pharodeys (Mewness) Living Statue Shaman 3 (Leader) Sound of Stone (rb780nm) Thri-Kreen Monk 4 (Striker) Jarro "Spider" Sarak (Tenchuu) Half-Orc Slayer 4 (Striker) Tyris (VanderLegion) Shade...
  4. BenBrown

    Adventure: Get Me to the Church on Time (DM: BenBrown, Judge: Renau1g)

    Get Me to the Church on Time An Adventure for Levels 1 - 2 Player Characters: Eraden Echo (Eternal54) Half-Elf Paladin 2 (Defender) *Inactive after Encounter #4* Ingvar Goldenhorn (Mewness) Minotaur Hybrid Cleric/Runepriest 1 (Leader) Graval Metalrent (horticulture) Dwarf Fighter 1 (Defender)...
  5. BenBrown

    4E Comparing notes: Differences in play experience in 4e

    I don't think the real differences at most of the AD&D1 tables were in what rules were added, so much as in what rules were ignored. there were rules for morale, monster reactions, hireling pay, weapon vs. armor type, spell acquisition, random loot distribution and (god help us) "pummelling...
  6. BenBrown

    4E 4e and reality

    This has been an issue with D&D since day one. It's trying to simulate a bunch of mutually incompatible things at once. It's trying to simulate the gritty sword and sorcery of Robert E. Howard, the witty weirdness of Jack Vance, the epic heroism of J.R.R. Tolkien and a dozen other things at...
  7. BenBrown

    4E 4e and reality

    Actually, it's the game with the three minute character generation system where you can actually die during chargen. Chargen in the most recent version can take 15 minutes or more, but you can't die during it. The planetary generation system takes about as long as the chargen system, and...
  8. BenBrown

    Adventure: A Fish Story (DM: BenBrown; Judge: renau1g)

    A Fish Story An Adventure for Levels 1 - 2 Characters: Abigail (wik) Human Swordmage (Defender/Striker) accompanied by her Flame Dragonling familiar, Azuras Alastair Feyd (auberon) Gnome Warlock (Striker) Dante (Iron Sky) Human Ranger (Striker) accompanied by his Devil Lizard companion, Virgil...
  9. BenBrown

    D20 Cyclopedia

    Has anyone tried putting this together: A D20 version of Rules Cyclopedia-type D&D. Keep the restricted classes, cut down on the number of options for greater simplicity--but everything else is D20 and 3E compatible? The only real tricky part I can see is putting together a single "Elf" class...