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  1. Lord Zack

    A nasty trick I'm considering

    In the Monster Compendium Monsters of Faerun there is a beholderkin monster called the Eyeball, a CR 1/2 miniature beholder basically. What I'm thinking of doing is by some means, illusion or some such, tricking my players into thinking it's a full-sized beholder (albeit one with only four...
  2. Lord Zack

    PF1E Adapting "Conan and the Tower of the Elephant" for a Pathfinder Campaign

    I'm considering purchasing the adventure "Conan and the Tower of the Elephant", an adaptation of the Conan Story "the Tower of the Elephant" for the Conan RPG, and placing it in my campaign. I'd like to know two things, is it any good, and how easy could I adapt it for Pathfinder?
  3. Lord Zack

    Where to put the land of Faeries in my altered Great Wheel?

    I'm working on a altered version of the Great Wheel cosmology for my campaigns. But I'm not sure where to put the land of the Faeries. There are three choices I'm thinking of, though I suppose they're not mutually exclusive since different kinds of Faeries might come from different places. 1...
  4. Lord Zack

    Return of Elemental Evil

    Despite the name the campaign I am planning is based on the original T1-4 module, though modified, not on the remake. I will be using other modules, including the Keep on the Borderlands, the Giants and Drow series and possibly the Slavers series. Castle Greyhawk may also have some kind of a...
  5. Lord Zack

    Mapping Infinity

    I have recently come across a conundrum. How to map an infinite plane of existence wherein the rules don't work the same as they do in the natural world? I prefer to run sandbox games, wherein the PCs can explore as they wish. This would also apply to the planes theoretically. However to run...
  6. Lord Zack

    Hex Map of Kalimdor from Warcraft

    I am presently working on a map of Kalimdor for a campaign I want to run set in the Warcraft Universe. It's a very large map, meant to be of a "realistic" scale. It's 3x4 sheets, each with 25x30 hexes, with each hex being 30 miles. Some things will be proportionately smaller than they are in...
  7. Lord Zack

    Raven Crowking's Fantasy Game

    You have heard of a ruined keep, not too far from town, which is rumored to contain treasure. Some also speak of a spirit, which has oracular powers that makes it home under the keep. You have decided that this place will be an excellent chance for adventure. Do you wish to prepare for the...
  8. Lord Zack

    Underdark Adventures

    I'm presently trying to set up an Underdark area for my campaign. I'm wondering how to do it. Primarily the map. I do have the D1 module, but I'm not sure how well the map there will serve as a model, since I'm using a 5 mile per hex map for the surface and I want the two maps to line up. If I...
  9. Lord Zack

    Modern Urban Sandbox

    I am considering running a campaign in a modern city. It may be in an existing city or in a city of my own design. It will be a player-driven, "sandbox" campaign in any case. My problem is, how do I detail the playing environment in sufficient detail to account for anything my characters do...
  10. Lord Zack

    Raven Crowking's Fantasy Game

    I would like to play Raven Crowking's Fantasy Game which can be foundhere. The setting is likely to be "mostly" homebrew, but I may use material from existing settings. For one thing I am considering using either a modified Nentir Vale, or one of Rob Conley's Points of Light microsettings. It...
  11. Lord Zack

    Looking for Players, Auburn, NY

    Hello I am looking for players. I would like to play Dungeons and Dragons primarily, but perhaps other games also, including MURPG, Star Wars Saga Edition or BESM. I would like to play two campaigns simultaneously, one being an old school sandbox-type campaign probably using Swords and Wizardry...
  12. Lord Zack

    Weapon Groups Prerequisites

    Regarding the Weapon Group Feats variant in Unearthed Arcana, wouldn't it make since for some Weapon Groups to have harder prerequisites (possibly base attack bonus +1) than others? The problem is I'm not certain exactly which ones would be harder to learn and thus have more stringent prerequisites.
  13. Lord Zack

    Science in Dungeons and Dragons

    I've been considering how to represent scientific knowledge in Dungeons and Dragons. I feel that characters aught to be able to be knowledgeable in scientific areas, since it would make sense for, say a wizard to have knowledge of mathematics, physics and the like. Further I have Tinker Gnomes...
  14. Lord Zack

    SRD Monsters in MM IV Statblock

    I am wondering if any one knows of a site where the monsters in the SRD are displayed in the stat block presented in MM IV? Would that even be allowed?
  15. Lord Zack

    Ruined City Dungeon

    In my next campaign I want to have a dungeon that's a ruined city from an ancient empire of the Elves. It's atop a cliff, with a subterranean level containing caravan and warehouse districts. I'm wondering how do I do such a huge dungeon?
  16. Lord Zack

    The Order of the Black Flame

    The above mentioned order is a group of religious assassins that serve the deity Pyremius (from Greyhawk, though my campaign is not a Greyhawk one, and in Complete Divine). They are one of two major antagonists in my campaign. The story is that the deity that Pyremius slew to get his fire...
  17. Lord Zack

    Ampersand: Sneak Attack

    http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/dramp/20080222a An article revealing the Rogue. I'll post my impressions later, first I'm going to read cthe article.
  18. Lord Zack

    Weapon and Armor Properties

    In the Design and Development: Critical Hits article it shows us an example weapon, the War Pick. This weapon is shown to have a couple of properties, including high crit,which is described in the article and versatile, which is not described. I think this is a very good idea.This helps to...
  19. Lord Zack

    Heroic Tier "Prestige Classes"

    Well we know the Paragon Tier will be giving you Paragon Paths and that the Epic Tier will be giving you Epic Destinies. But I think some concepts might be similar, but yet more suited for the Heroic Tier. But I don't think that it should work exactly like Paragon Paths or Epic Destinies. Some...