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  1. GMMichael

    5E WotC On Tasha, Race, Alignment: A Several-Year Plan

    Assuming this has been thoroughly analyzed (torn apart?) in the last 200 or so posts. Have they announced official adoption of the X card yet?
  2. GMMichael

    General Who gives demons/devils their (true) name?

    There's a scribe sitting in one of the lower halls of Olympus. His job is to write down everything (!) on a never-ending scroll. A truename is how one is identified on that scroll.
  3. GMMichael

    General Rats that look like men?

    The adventurers, after having heard some weird discussions in the common room, go into the cellar, wondering why the innkeeper called it the "dungeon." Turns out he/she has a sizable group of bound concubines down there, making the rats a secondary concern of the PCs. Morality questions ensue...
  4. GMMichael

    5E Determining Visibility [RAW]

    And unfortunately, @LordEntrails didn't give us a specific example. That would also be interesting to see. My favorite source doesn't mention grid squares, which fits well with D&D 5's (non) branding as D&D Lite: https://5e.d20srd.org/srd/combat/Cover.htm
  5. GMMichael

    5E What is the appeal of the weird fantasy races?

    Hmm. If you grew up on Sesame Street you want to kill monsters. If you grew up on Daniel Tiger you want to be a monster. Maybe it's related to kids' TV. I'm playing a centuries-old, WAY over the hill, blue dragon. I don't care about dragonborn bonuses (my cantrips are better than the breath...
  6. GMMichael

    PF1E Giving 'em What They Want

    This is why I can't see "shelving" my preferences; if I ditch what I want out of the game, then I won't want to play! Luckily, my campaign concept is usually flexible enough to allow PCs to get what they want, as long as we all met eye-to-eye at the start of the thing. Lord of the land knows...
  7. GMMichael

    Helmets: Under-Used but Over-Important

    Ah - I'm seeing helmet-use as a tactical decision, not action. Also, the thread is partially about the rules of the gear, so why do f20, PF2, and BRP treat shields differently...and do they have helmet rules as well, or are helmets just specialized clothing? Darn commanders and their...
  8. GMMichael

    Helmets: Under-Used but Over-Important

    Good point about hiding the opponent. But as a south paw, I feel slightly left out of this analysis. Which is why Zarion got an XP. . . I'm suggesting (now, if not earlier) that using a helmet is just as tactically interesting as using a shield. Not that they're the same type of armor. And...
  9. GMMichael

    5E Ideas for Initiative house rules

    Ah. The above quote is the context I was looking for. The thing is, daggers-attacking-before-polearms isn't . . . (wait, is this thread totally derailed yet?) . . . the opposite of reality. Put your evenly-matched Dagger Fighter weapon-to-weapon against the Spear Fighter. If the DF lunges...
  10. GMMichael

    5E Ideas for Initiative house rules

    Good question! But...who's adding what complexity in the opposite direction of reality?
  11. GMMichael

    Helmets: Under-Used but Over-Important

    So TRPGs are trying to emulate TV shows and plays? I'm not so sure, since in a TRPG, a helmet (usually) doesn't conceal someone's identity. It's fair for rules to assume that a helm is included in a suit of armor, but I was more interested in the "appropriate" part - does full plate assume a...
  12. GMMichael

    5E Ideas for Initiative house rules

    Initiative house rule: initiative rolls determine whose actions happen first, but there are no turns. Each character gets his allotment for the round - what he would normally get to do on his turn - but other characters can react with their own actions. When characters want to act at the same...
  13. GMMichael

    Thoughts on Mind Stuff: Who's your Psychic?

    I was always enchanted by the Psionics Handbook of AD&D 2e, with its own psionics rules, but I never got to use them. Then I was excited when they came back in 3e, using the same rules as the magic rules, if I recall correctly. The Soul Knife was cool, but yeah, it was "magic/spell caster...
  14. GMMichael

    Helmets: Under-Used but Over-Important

    So true. I mean, haven't we all seen Gerard Butler in 300? You're right: the shield-or-no-shield trade-off is pretty obvious. Being less obvious doesn't reduce the importance of the helmet-choice, though. I suspect that many designers who can see the clear shield-choice just haven't been hit...
  15. GMMichael

    Gamemaster help needed for plot

    Tell that to Robert Baratheon.
  16. GMMichael

    Helmets: Under-Used but Over-Important

    I just watched a video of a warrior going into a to-the-death duel. He grabs his helmet, but to take it off, not put it on. Now I'm wondering: Why do shields commonly get special treatment (rules) in TRPGs while helmets do not? Should rules assume that wearing armor means wearing an...
  17. GMMichael

    Gamemaster help needed for plot

    I'm not sure what the difference between "king" and "dictator" is but... It will be pretty obvious to the royals that they're different than the peasantry because they'll probably know how to write, eat with utensils, and ride horses. Blending in with merchants or lords might be a little...
  18. GMMichael

    General A different style of medieval fantasy game?

    Modos Role-Playing Game. Just a little thing I wrote. Per your requirements: More heroic than superheroic, low fantasy: the GM sets the bar with the Campaign Theme, because all contests (action resolution rolls) are based on qualitative, campaign-specific terms, like average, impossible, and...
  19. GMMichael

    Worlds of Design: Baseline Assumptions of Fantasy RPGs

    I'm not sure that there's a default setting anymore. You could say that D&D's setting(s) is "default," if you mean "most used amongst role-players." In that case... Yeah, somehow the default setting is well past medieval. I don't know why today's audiences wouldn't look for gritty -...
  20. GMMichael

    How do you, as a PC, prep for your next game?

    33 voters in, and no LARPers yet. I'll clarify at this point: Update Character Fluff should include reviewing your session notes, because what are your session notes besides your character's memory? (Votes can be changed.) A good candidate for the Other category: conspire against the GM...