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  1. qstor

    General For the Love of Greyhawk: Why People Still Fight to Preserve Greyhawk

    I think he's wrapped up with Pathfinder and Paizo now. I think WotC isn't invested in Greyhawk at this point. The Forgotten Realms has been the "go to" setting for a long time. The new Icewind Dale book shows that. Eberron is probably a close 2nd.
  2. qstor

    Moderator approval?

    how do you shut off the automatic paypal charges? ie cancel your support status?
  3. qstor

    PF2E Pathfinder Bestiary 2 Preview

    Looking forward to getting this
  4. qstor

    Free League Announces Twilight: 2000 4th Edition

    Looking forward to this
  5. qstor

    PF1E Stuff That You Wish Paizo Had Done For Pathfinder 1E?

    I wish they'd done an expanded "planets" of the Golarion solar system book.
  6. qstor

    Old timers?

    Same here. I've posted more on the Paizo forums recently and didn't post here a lot during the 4e cause I was heavily invested in Pathfinder. I also post on Dragonsfoot under the same user name but ENworld still is a "special place" for me even if it's become more "5E centric" IMHO. I loved the...
  7. qstor

    Old timers?

    Anyone still around from the "early" days of the site? gets out walker to move I remember I started posting here around 2002. I don't have a high post count though compared to some.
  8. qstor

    3E/3.5 Attempt to rebuild conversion library: please upload conversions to 3.5 here

    Is anything missing? I still have some of the original files on my hard drive.
  9. qstor

    3E/3.5 Edition Experience - Did/Do you Play 3rd Edtion D&D? How Was/Is it?

    3.5 is my favorite edition. I played Living Greyhawk for eight years. I took a break from D&D in college and played 2e at the "tail end" in '98-99 and remember when 3.0 was coming out in 2000. I was excited. I run 3.5 now online and ran 2 campaigns from 2012-14 using 3.5 and I'm excited to run...
  10. qstor

    WotC Ray Winninger Is Head of D&D RPG Team; Mike Mearls No Longer Works on RPG

    I kinda skipped to the end. Did Mearls ever comment on this thread?
  11. qstor

    General Old Campaign Worlds - What Have You Used And Why?

    For WotC/TSR settings Forgotten Realms Greyhawk Dragonlance
  12. qstor

    deleting PMs/"conversations"

    Is there anyway to delete a conversation/PM? I didn't see the "button" for delete?
  13. qstor

    3E/3.5 3E and the Feel of D&D

    3E/3.5e was the edition I ended up playing the most and the one that brought me into Pathfinder. I have many fond memories of 3.5e and I'd gladly play it again.
  14. qstor

    Baltimore MD gamers?

    I'm looking for people for AD&D or Pathfinder. Thursday nights or Sundays.
  15. qstor

    PF2E Pathfinder 2E play report

    I hope your GM doesn't buy that as a reason for not being prepared :)
  16. qstor

    6E 6E When?

    I think at some point Hasbro will want a new edition. They won't want to keep reprinting the 5e PHB.
  17. qstor

    6E 6E When?

    Each edition give or take, lasts about 6 years so 2020.
  18. qstor

    PF2E Pathfinder 2e: Actual Play Experience

    Nothing prevents from you as GM, say having a dragon or a lich casts spells on its lair before hand or build traps. There's examples in the 3E Draconomicon and Libris Mortis, I think. Kingmaker is being officially converted to 2E and has a lot of great reviews. You might take a look at that...