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    [TORG ETERNITY] Torg Eternity Previews have begun

    We've begun to preview Torg Eternity, the update to the classic genre smashing RPG, Torg ahead of the upcoming Kickstarter sometime this spring. http://www.ulisses-us.com/category/torg/
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    The Storm Has a Name...

    Find out more on Tuesday, July 21st...or at GenCon 2015!
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    A Storm Is Coming...

    ... Again.
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    13th Age - Secret Icons?

    So I'm about to run a 13th Age Neverwinter campaign, and will be assigning the factions in the book as Icons. The only problem is...what to do about secretive Icons? Have them be available from the start? Have them 'act' as what people think they are? Have them unavailable? A different...
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    Torg: Hacking Marvel Heroic Roleplaying

    My latest post on Critical Hits, covering hacking Marvel Heroic Roleplaying datasheets for running a Torg game. Torg: A Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Hack (Hacking the Datasheets) : Critical Hits
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    My Counterpoint to the Escapist articles

    My counterpoint to the Escapist's 'State of D&D' articles has been posted on Critical Hits: The Real State of Dungeons & Dragons : Critical Hits
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    How do you get your players to creatively describe their combat actions?

    I play 4e, and would love to get the players to get more creative in describing their actions in combat. They're all grognards, been playing since the 80s, but for some reason getting them to roleplay in combat is like squeezing blood from a stone. It's either just saying the power name and...
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    The Future of D&D

    New blog post at This is My Game: This is My Game The Future of D&D
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    Blog post: Speeding up Combat #3 - Barking up the Wrong Tree

    This is My Game Speeding up Combat #3 – Barking up the Wrong Tree (Or This Post Nullifies Everything Else I’ve Said On the Subject)
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    Speeding Up Combat #2 - Blame the Players!

    New blogpost at This is My Game: This is My Game Speeding up Combat #2 – Blame the Players!
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    Would eliminating almost all Opportunity Attacks speed combat up?

    I wonder...if you eliminated opportunity attacks for the most part except for those that involved marked creatures, would combat speed up? You wouldn't have to worry about whether or not you moved such that you'd get an OppAttack, and it would reduce the amount of extra attacks (that usually...
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    DDI Updates in December

    Whoops! Browser Settings Incompatible Includes the web based Monster Builder, Dark Sun Creature Catalog into the MB and Compendium, Monster Vault Levels 1-10 into the MB and Compendium, and exporting functions for the Character Builder.
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    The Slow Death of Epic Tier

    My first blog post at This is My Game: This is My Game » The Slow Death of Epic Tier
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    A few questions about the DM's Kit

    1. How much overlap is there in regards to the rules between the DM's Kit book and the Rules Compendium? 2. Does the DM's Kit have the 'improvisation' suggestions for Skills like the Rules Compendium does? 3. Are the Rare magic items in the DM's kit just the same as what has already been...
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    Monster Vault impressions

    I'm very impressed with the Monster Vault. The tokens are very well done (and I used them last night), though I wish there were more 'Minion' tokens. The upgrades to the monsters are great...especially the solos. I think they've finally figured them out. The Hydras are _nasty_ (and...
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    Redefining the Dungeon

    I cannot recommend this blogpost enough: Reexamining the Dungeon
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    Getting the players interested in the campaign setting.

    So, I run an Eberron campaign (and have expressed to my players an interest in running a Dark Sun campaign). However, it's started to become apparently to me that in general, my players just don't really care about the campaign setting. We could be playing the D&D Core world for all they care...
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    Themes in Eberron

    I know that the Players Handbook next year will feature Themes for 'normal' PCs similar to what is shown in the Dark Sun campaign setting. Themes are a great design idea IMO...and fill in a nice niche that was a bit of a void...one that Paragon paths don't exactly replicate. Themes are...
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    4E Prediction: 4e economy will have to change

    Given the news that magic items will be classified as common, uncommon and rare, with the common items the only ones that can be purchased by PCs or created using the Craft Magic Item ritual. This puts the distribution of uncommon items (which is most of the items currently listed) back into...
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    An interesting tidbit about the Dark Sun Creature Catalog

    Turns out it STILL was supposed to be a softcover. Arcane Springboard: An Interesting Tidbit about the Dark Sun Creature Catalog