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  1. hbarsquared

    5E What are some cool/neat standard PHB wizard spells?

    Telegraph + Spells! Here's the thing: just because you provide the spells does not mean the player will take the time to copy them or memorize them. So, one thing you can do (by no means the only!), is telegraph encounters where a particular spell (or two or three) may prove useful...
  2. hbarsquared

    5E Midnight: Legacy of Darkness announced at GenCon Online

    Also, @Greg Benage, thank you for such a creative, complex, and fascinating setting! I still write and play in it all these years later!
  3. hbarsquared

    5E Midnight: Legacy of Darkness announced at GenCon Online

    So excited for this! I have every printed Midnight product across both editions, and was sorely disappointed when the next products were canceled. A sensitivity disclaimer is going to be especially necessary, with regards to the issues it brings up. Prejudice is prevalent in the setting, and...
  4. hbarsquared

    5E Exploring Eberron: Now Available!

    So, does this mean we shouldn't expect to see a true "Planes of Eberron" or "Dhakaani Goblins" book? Don't get me wrong - I'm eating this book up like crazy. Just curious if an even deeper dive might ever be in the cards.
  5. hbarsquared

    General WotC’s Official Announcement About Diversity, Races, and D&D

    Kudos to WotC. This seems to be a very genuine and inclusive announcement. It's not a brand hitching onto a sensitivity bandwagon, but an aware, concerned, and self-aware group of people trying to be better and make the world a better place. Proud.
  6. hbarsquared

    General Let's Talk About Eberron

    Nearly every Eberron adventure in Dungeon is top notch. Steel Shadows was mentioned. I also recommend: Chimes at Midnight trilogy Murder in Oakbridge Riding the Rail The Aundarian Job Any of the 3.5 books are great sources of information. Reading through the original 3.5 Campaign Setting and...
  7. hbarsquared

    EN World Wait, what's this?

    Love it! I have some of the same nitpicks: visited links in grey against black, and other things, are hard to distinguish against the background. Now just waiting for the Classic yellow and orange!
  8. hbarsquared

    5E Why is there a Forgery Kit?

    Go for it. 5e is meant to be tweaked in this way. One could just as well argue the Painting skill should be broken up into watercolor, oils, acrylic, and even spraypaint (I'm sure I'm missing, I don't know, a hundred other art styles), all of which require different tools and different...
  9. hbarsquared

    Is there a Dark Mode ?

    Just a bump to voice that I am still hoping to see the same thing. In particular, ENWorld's "Legacy" color pallette and the classic black/orange.
  10. hbarsquared

    5E Eberron Is Here Today!

    Reading through the Sharn section is painful. Riddled with typos, numerous and needless, "this will be detailed more in chapter X," and text is repeated, sometimes word for word, no less than three times, for practically every location mentioned. Not to mention the number of times some of the...
  11. hbarsquared

    5E Keith Baker: Exploring Eberron

    Too bad WotC didn't do the same.
  12. hbarsquared

    5E Eberron Is Here Today!

    I'm a huge fan of Eberron, and very happy this book was published. With that said, I'm disappointed. Of course, it's great having the mechanics for races and dragonmarks, for example, though uninspired. It would have been nice if they had pushed the envelope creatively a little bit further...
  13. hbarsquared

    5E The "everyone at full fighting ability at 1 hp" conundrum

    So, isn't a level 1 wizard with an 8 Con at full fighting ability with only 5hp? What about a 1hp commoner? It's not like these characters are walking around bruised, bleeding, and exhausted every moment of their existence, just because they have single digit hit points.
  14. hbarsquared

    5E Motivations for a time-traveling wizard (Manshoon)?

    Not sure if it fits what you're looking for... but what about something mundane? A ring made from the stem of a flower, given as a gift from to someone's first love. A shard of glass from a broken vase thrown in anger. A piece of bread, that was still warm when handed to a beggar. Perhaps...
  15. hbarsquared

    5E Greyhawk and Dragonlance on DM's Guild

    It's been like this for a while. I think when they first released Ravenloft, all those categories appeared.
  16. hbarsquared

    5E New Eberron Book Details From WotC

    IMO, the whole concept of "canon" is losing meaning as we head into 2020. From 5e's inception, and to its benefit, the designers have recognized that "every home game is their own," and the prevalence of blogs, streams, twitch have only enforced the concept that every group will forge its own...
  17. hbarsquared

    5E Eberron: Rising from the Last War Coming For D&D In November

    Eberron simultaneously has elements of post-Civil War, post-WWI, AND post WWII, with smatterings of Medieval, Renaissance, and Modern. Eberron is not a reflection of a particular time period. It's its own thing, with a little bit of everything.
  18. hbarsquared

    5E Here Are The Races In The New Eberron Book

    Keeping in mind that the success of Wayfinder's was most likely an influence on a full-fledged book getting published. The whole, "vote with your dollar.". If we hadn't bought Wayfinder's last year, we might not be seeing Eberron today. Also, races (including dragonmarks) will be the only...
  19. hbarsquared

    4E Where was 4e headed before it was canned?

    Does anyone perhaps have a link to the old Legends & Lore (I think?) articles from 2011? I know Mearls was writing them, then Cook for a bit, then back to Mearls after they made the Next announcement. It'd be fun to read through those again, knowing that they were already talking about 5E at...
  20. hbarsquared

    4E Where was 4e headed before it was canned?

    On this note... When did development of 5e really start? I remember seeing online articles about house rules and spitballing and "bringing D&D back to its roots" around the time of Essentials. When was the first hint?