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  1. Achan hiArusa

    MSRD and RSRD down

    I don't know if anyone has pointed this out, but even though the Revised System Reference Document (3.5) and the Modern System Reference Document pages are still on Wizards.com, all of the download links are dead. You will have to use the Wayback Machine to get them. I'm not sure if they'll...
  2. Achan hiArusa

    5E Renaming +1, +2, +3

    We have all this wonderful names for items like the Apparatus of Kwalish and yet we still call most of our weapons and armor by their plusses. Some people take the time to craft histories and give specific names for their weapons, but I don't always want to do that. So I went through the 4e...
  3. Achan hiArusa

    d20 Modern Anime Gaming

    I know I could just use BESM, but anyway. After getting Netflix I have been able to pick up on my Anime watching and the only advanced class in the corebook that seems to fit with a magic in modern day anime is the Occultist (though with the effect of throwing strips of paper instead of reading...
  4. Achan hiArusa

    PF1E Paizo's Facebook page and the article on sexism

    I might get in trouble for this one, but why was did the picture of a 50 foot Seoni make it to the ENWorld front page but the article on the decreasing sexism in the game industry that was posted not a few hours later did not?
  5. Achan hiArusa

    The Cthulhuoid Zodiac

    I was inspired by an alternate Zodiac, so I decided to create my own using the real astronomical zodiac and the Cthulhoid dieties (I did use Derleth's elements, but I took liberties with them) and I started with Aldeberaan in Taurus because it's Hastur's star. Don't worry about horoscopes, if...
  6. Achan hiArusa

    Vampires roasting on an open fire...

    I have been working on my d20 to WoD converter (specifically the 20th Anniversary Vampire the Masquerade Edition), so here is an early Halloween present for all you darklings: Great Wyrm Red Dragon Physical: Str 10, Dex 3, Sta 7 Mental: Per 6, Int, 6, Wits 4 Social: Cha 6, Man 6, App 7...
  7. Achan hiArusa

    Chance to Win an Original Elmore!

    Chance to Win An Original Elmore | www.LarryElmore.com
  8. Achan hiArusa

    3.0 Era Polyhedron

    I know that many D&Donliers hated the combined Poly/Dung issues, but in my lifespan as a gamer I may have used three Dungeon adventures (if that) but the d20 rules variants in those combined issues saw constant use at the game table and when I am tinkering with the d20 rules (even HiJinx and...
  9. Achan hiArusa

    It won't mean anything without home playtesting

    Playtesting through DDXP is all and good, but most people aren't going to be using D&D playing Wizard's adventures in a public venue. People must be allowed to home test the rules, where they take the rules home to their friends (and, of course, have them sign an NDA), write their own...
  10. Achan hiArusa

    Facebook security warning when clicking on EnWorld links.

    Why is it when I am navigating from EnWorld to the Escapist Magazine, neither of which are Facebook sites, I am getting a security warning from Facebook before I can proceed? Something sounds wrong and invasive here.
  11. Achan hiArusa

    Don't Rest Your Head

    I clicked on this from an ENWorld Ad and it seemed interesting enough to buy as a .pdf. I read reviews on RPG.net and none of them seemed to make the connection to Kult, the original game with an extradimensional city. DRYH seems more graphic novel (not to sound disparaging) in tone whereas...
  12. Achan hiArusa

    Vampire the Masquerade 20th Edition version

    The game that changed the face of the gaming world is getting one last hurrah. Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition | Flames Rising Horror Webzine
  13. Achan hiArusa

    Where did campaigns stop?

    Before Zeb Cook came out with the 20 level limit in 2nd Edition (which carried over to 3rd with exception of the High Level Options [which raised it to 30] and Epic Level Handbook and exists in 30 level limit in 4e) at what level did longterm AD&D campaigns stop? And yes, I know that BECMI had...
  14. Achan hiArusa

    So Ryan What about Incantations in E6?

    So what spells would work as Incantations in E6 and up to what level do you think should be allowable?
  15. Achan hiArusa

    What level should PHB spells be?

    Has anyone done a new spell list that moves spells to their proper level because of spell effect? I would be very interested in such a list.
  16. Achan hiArusa

    The Purchase DC of the National Debt

    I had long ago done an Excel fit of Dollars to Purchase DC as per the table found in Future d20: y = 7.9781468073465 * log x - 6.3440017626864 (It has an R^2 value of 0.999 but fails with DC 2, 3, and 7). So our national debt is approximately: $14,088,626,000,000 Which is a purchase DC of...
  17. Achan hiArusa

    [Video] "I Play DnD" by Krondor Krew

    YouTube - Krondor Krew - I Play DnD (Crisp Audio Quality) Note: Some inappropriate language.
  18. Achan hiArusa

    Returned Abeir "Continent"

    Forgotten Realms: I pulled some maps off the internet and decided to scale Returned Abeir and see how large it was compared to the other continents on Toril. The map of Returned Abeir is approximately 800 miles x 800 miles meaning it is a very small continent and fits nicely in the Trackless...
  19. Achan hiArusa

    Becoming a Teacher

    I start my job tomorrow as a physical science/physics/chemistry teacher in Monticello, AR. My principal has high expectations for me since I have two Master's degrees (physics/astronomy and biology/space science) and I have taught as a graduate student/adjunct professor for all but two years in...
  20. Achan hiArusa

    Are gamers chronic loners

    I've wondered if the stereotypes are true and I haven't seen any data. But how many people who play traditional table-top, pen and paper, "real" roleplaying games are unmarried adult loners? Just want to see. If there is a poll that did this earlier, please let me know.