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  1. Nifelhein

    What became of Kate Monk's Onomastikon?

    I have always used the great site Kate Monk's Onomastikon for my games, but today I went to it and the link gives me a 404 error. Sure we still have google cache and the wayback machine. But I wonder, what became of it? Anyone knows? It is a great loss if it is anything but temporary, I...
  2. Nifelhein

    4E 4E Combat Crib Sheet

    Awesome! :D
  3. Nifelhein

    AtS Midnight Fansite Down

    Guys and girls, I am sorry to say the site is currently down with no idea when it will be back, there were some serious issues with mail spoof attacks on the server directed at the domain and the server has suspended my account, i am in touch with them to see how to get it back as soon as...
  4. Nifelhein

    E6: The Game Inside D&D (new revision)

    Should work with Adobe Reader v7 or above. I tried opening the attached file and it worked for me just fine.
  5. Nifelhein

    E6: The Game Inside D&D (new revision)

    It looks really good, the whole side bar bothers me a bit but it looks good. I was aiming for a more graphical one, it still needed a lot of work but here is a preview of the file with a border, I used the one you posted earlier and changed any D&D to D20, but text is not something I worked on...
  6. Nifelhein

    E6: The Game Inside D&D (new revision)

    Okay, I am actually still working on the border, I have been too lazy to do much work this week but I am pretty sure I am near a good one for it. Did he just pdf-ed it or he edited and did some graphical work as well? Once I am done I will let you know though. ;)
  7. Nifelhein

    E6: The Game Inside D&D (new revision)

    My pleasure, as Nightfall says, I am his Midnight counterpart. ;)
  8. Nifelhein

    E6: The Game Inside D&D (new revision)

    Are you kidding? From Against the Shadow, "the" Midnight fansite: Midnight E6 and Mn6 Variant Classes (E6 applied to Midnight, compacting classes to make them balanced with only 6 levels. ;)
  9. Nifelhein

    E6: The Game Inside D&D (new revision)

    Hmmmm, I think I can work with a little bit of color on headers to make them a bit different but I thought the whole thing should look simple and clean. I am still working on a border right now so I am not yet sure how it will look like, nothing very fancy too. I have quite a bit of fonts but am...
  10. Nifelhein

    E6: The Game Inside D&D (new revision)

    Ryan, I am working on makign some graphical addition to your final pdf, I am also considering a layout option for it, any preference for fonts for headers and the like? Also, what size would you like to see in it? I kept the one from the rtf right now. I will try and have some preview for you...
  11. Nifelhein

    E6: The Game Inside D&D (new revision)

    You really should make a pdf out of this all you know, for portability. I am not sure if I will ever get a chance of running it, but if anyone wants me to GM D20 again, this will be it, that is for sure. ;)
  12. Nifelhein

    E6: The Game Inside D&D (new revision)

    This is a sweet system :)
  13. Nifelhein


    Does anybody here knows if there is any newer program or script that can be used to check a monster's statistics, the only one I know of Link is somewhat old and limited in scope but is handy enough to use, I have quite a few monsters to check stats and wondered if anyone could point me a better...
  14. Nifelhein

    Divine Focus in use... what??

    An issue appeared around the divine focus component of a spell, the rules say it must be provided by divine spellcasters but speaks nothing of how that works, one says it suffices to carry the focus on yourself, I say that a focus must be used to focus the spell power and thus requires holding...
  15. Nifelhein

    Mails from EnWorld...

    Is it just me or are the mail notifications, and birthday congratulations from EN World showing sender as World - Morrus' D&D / d20 News & Reviews Site <EN> instead of EN World - Morrus' D&D / d20 News & Reviews Site?
  16. Nifelhein

    AtS.org Midnight fansite migration

    Well the site will be ported to a new forum system in the near future, the first step in the procedure will be that the site will not be found on the usual www.againsttheshadow.org address but on the http://www.pathsoflegend.org address. The later is already pointing to the site and it is...
  17. Nifelhein

    Heart of Shadow

    What is it? Heart of Shadow is a 64 pages supplement for the Midnight Campaign setting written by Iain “Shadowfane” J. Borgan and Eric “Kane” Olson, both former fans of the setting that entered the RPG freelancing out of love for the world of Aryth. The book is published by Fantasy Flight Games...
  18. Nifelhein

    I want to add a product that i have a review to post!

    The Product information follows: Heart of Shadow (MN12) Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games Line: Midnight d20 Campaign Setting This sourcebook is ideal for DMs who wish to set a single adventure or a whole campaign in the Northern Marches, or for those who simply desire more insight into the...
  19. Nifelhein

    Can you point me anything?

    Guys! and GIRLS! I am finally with some spare money in my pocket and am going to make some huge purchase in books next week, problem is that I am still unable to decide what to get, since there are maaany options out there and I am not able to get a look at books. I am mostly restricted to...