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  1. Nightbeat84

    5E The spell hallow

    Just wanted to asking anyone has seen a forum somewhere about secondary variants for the spell in the spell description it list some options and something the DM can offer instead. I was curious what other options would be viable as well ?
  2. Nightbeat84

    5E Tomb of horrors first time running it for 5e making some changes for my players looking for some input from the community

    Good day everyone as the tittle suggest, I have ran this adventure as a player once and I will be running this as a DM first time, looking over the module plan to add some combat encounters and change the existing one's because I can and because some of my players are hack and slash so I don't...
  3. Nightbeat84

    5E Whelm and Blackrzor should they be wielded by the ones guarding them also Keraptis to fight or not to?

    Good day everyone like to pose 2 questions. The Vampire and the Oni protecting the treasures in White Plume mountain its not stated that there wielding the weapons in combat vs the PC's but was thinking why not ? I know that there quite powerful but would it be to hard for a group of 4 level 9...
  4. Nightbeat84

    5E Player character lv 10 wizard who is also smart player how to challenge?

    Good day everyone looking for how other DM's challenge high level wizard players but not screw them over. So far all I've come up with is having enemy casters that counterspell hes spells when they can but I feel like its cheesy. I've talked to the player about enemy spell casters with...
  5. Nightbeat84

    5E Minions and cleave optional rule dmg 5e?

    Ive been using minions for awhile and i can say its a great mechanic for DM's everywhere i first seen this idea on Matt Colville's channel and have been using it ever since. The only thing i'm not sure of is having minions in a fight and using the optional rule of cleave from the DMG page 272 at...
  6. Nightbeat84

    5E Yochlol 5e stat block seems lack luster or am i missing something thoughts and discusion ?

    I ran an encounter with Drow priestess and just had her summon the Yochlol and use its dominate person and the player saved afterward everything this demon did seemed lack luster and unflavorful. Ive read a good chunk of the Drizzt books and the drow priestes feared and respected the Yochlol...
  7. Nightbeat84

    5E ToA question for Tomb of the 9 gods 5th Floor Gears of Hate

    Has anyone successfully ran this part I am confused on how this are suppose to work it seems that as they rotated some areas are cut off and from what the explanation is seems like there's no real way to get to the path that leads to the 6th Floor I've looked online but have not seen much in the...
  8. Nightbeat84

    5E Currently running the module out of the abyss little confused on expeditionary force's could use some help

    So running out of the abyss wondering what the players are suppose to do with the expeditionary force's they lead back down into the underdark. Ive read that you can have them set up outpost but there are times where it seems like the players will be venturing into place like the purple worm...
  9. Nightbeat84

    5E Created Ooze boss would like some feed back on it thoughts critiscims welcomed

    Little backstory on why i created this boss monster i am currently running Out of the Abyss campaign and my party is now facing the Ooze onslaught about occur in Blingdenstone. The big bad is the pudding king and i found hes stat block underwhelming and anti climatic. There is a big build up to...
  10. Nightbeat84

    5E Question: To take away or not to take away for that is the question

    So about halfway through LMoP and have 3 new players who have never played d&d before. One made a dragon born paladin and gave himself darkvison by mistake I did not realize that they dont get that until recently. I know it was an honest mistake on the players part. My question is do I take it...
  11. Nightbeat84

    5E Gave a player a cursed item has not notice its cursed want to hint at it

    Hello everyone being DM for less then a year now and have been trying different things with my players one of them was giving a player a stone of ill luck was testing the waters with a curse item unfortunately it's a minor curse and he has not noticed that its curse for those that don't remember...
  12. Nightbeat84

    Custom magic item what do people think of it thoughts and ideas welcomed

    WabbbajackRoll chart If the user of the weaponhas no spell casting the spell save DC is 14 the spell attack bonusis +5 Heal 6d8 to every creature withing 50ft Your speed becomes 10ft All creatures vomit Can target 1 creature and becomes paralyzed for 1 round You cast Chaos bolt lv 5 You...
  13. Nightbeat84

    Temporarily giving OP magical items

    I'm running ToA currently and found a supplement for the hidden city of mezro. It's an adventure in itself but using some of the material in it. In one of the pages it said that any magical items found in the ruins are curse if you leave the area they crumble into dust but are fully functional I...