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  1. TheSword

    New Release : Roll20 Support for Warhammer FRP 4e

    Good news, Cubicle 7 have released a Compendium and Token Pack for Roll20. It comes with a Character Sheet, NPC sheet and rules and background loaded in. There’s also a neat token pack of PC characters. All for a reasonably priced $30. Happy to see WFRP4e justifying the investment and time to...
  2. TheSword

    General Great Horror Campaign/Ravenloft moments

    So after reading somewhat despondently a thread where people said d&d can’t do horror. I posted this encounter... “When crossing a bridge, hurrying to reach the next settlement before nightfall, the PCs met farmers hurrying the other way. The farmers stoped and said the PCs were mad for heading...
  3. TheSword

    5E Feat that improves spell slots

    So Rangers and Paladins are half casters, Eldritch Knights and Spell Thieves are one third casters. In keeping with a trend to abilities and feats that enable a single class character to better absorb other classes abilities (fighting styles, manouvers, cantrips for rangers/Paladins) what do you...
  4. TheSword

    5E Lawful Evil character - follow up advice needed! Spoiler for Kingmaker

    So our session last night was an interesting one. Fans of Kingmaker the Adventure Path or CRPG will recognize the situation. The party are rulers of their lands. Earlier in the campaign they had a run in with a gnome spy who screwed them pretty hard. They also made a truce with a tribe of...
  5. TheSword

    5E Battle Master maneuvers for any class by spending a HD

    There has been a lot of talk recently about spicing up combat and making it a bit more nuanced and interesting. I have also been pondering how I rarely seem to need to spend many HD during short rests. So, what would be the ramifications of allowing any character to spend one of their HD in...
  6. TheSword

    Why don’t players surrender... would we want them too?

    So I’ve noticed a disconnect between what happens in tabletop and fiction... The players are down to single digit hp, any successful attack will likely drop them, one fireball would mean a TPK. The cleric is on 0 hp and there are no more healing words left. More monsters are behind so it’s...
  7. TheSword

    5E Help with tier 1 magic items

    If there’s one thing I really hate as a DM it’s having to pick magic items for the players for 5e. I feel I always go too powerful, too generic or too weak. Could anyone help for suggested items for three characters to find tier 1-5. There is an artificer, a rogue, and a Paladin/sorcer
  8. TheSword

    5E The Runelords Trilogy in 5E Eberron *Spoilers* Discussion, Conversion Notes and Adventure Log

    [Edit: Apologies if this is in the wrong place] I’ve been wanting to do this project for a while but the right conjunction of players, time and resources never came about. With the release of Exploring Eberron I decided it was time. The premise is a mash up of the Sihedron Trilogy of Paizo...
  9. TheSword

    5E A truly horrifying Age of Worms

    So I am looking at running the Age of Worms converted to 5e and am a little concerned that ease of access to lesser restoration and the large number of undead will be easily overcome by clerics and paladins. Particularly as the campaign progresses. My though was to have divine magic become...
  10. TheSword

    5E Sorcerer levels best way to mix combat and spells

    Hey all, So for the first time I tried playing a mixed caster and melee. I started off as fighter(Eldritch knight), then redid the character as a revised Ranger with the alternate class features. Then finally I tried adding a few levels of sorcerer... particularly you to level 3 to get meta...
  11. TheSword

    Fire Mountain Games - 5 years since funding - communication thread

    Hello all, this thread is intended to be a method of communication for anyone thoroughly scammed by Gary McBride in the Throne Of Night Kickstarter. I’m very wary of the comments section of Kickstarter in question being shut down and therefore being cut off from all other backers. The...
  12. TheSword

    The EN World boards are great for discussing 5E

    So maybe this is an odd thread to create, but I just wanted to say how much I like these boards for discussing 5E and RPGs in general. As most will see I’m relatively new to the boards but I’m impressed with how generous of spirit the posters are (liberally giving laughs and XP) and how...
  13. TheSword

    Princes of Apocalypse - Temples reimagined - and exploration / downtime - spoilers

    Hey, first post here. I’ve been DMing a while in and am planning on running Princes of the Apocalypse for a new group of players. I’m fine with the sandbox nature of the game and I plan on using the hex system for exploration, similar to the way Pathfinder’s Ultimate Campaign does it. This does...