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  1. IcyCool

    Feats to make unarmed strike deal slashing or piercing damage?

    The title pretty much says it all, but are there any feats (or other methods) for allowing an unarmed strike to deal slashing or piercing damage?
  2. IcyCool

    Wildshape, what's the current ruleset for it?

    So with all of the errata and wierdness going on about wildshape, and given that I'm thinking of playing a druid in the near future (or Daggerspell shaper to be more precise), what are the current rules regarding wildshape? I can't get to the wizards site or boards from where I am at the...
  3. IcyCool

    Help pricing a magic item.

    I'm looking to price an item that I've used as treasure in the past. It functions just like an Aureon's Spellshard from Eberron, with the following additional ability: Spells can be removed or added by the item's owner. The item can still only hold 500 pages worth of spells at any one time...
  4. IcyCool

    UMD and the Craft(Alchemy) skill

    The Craft(Alchemy) skill states that you must be a spellcaster in order to use it. Can a successful Use Magic Device check to emulate spell casting ability allow a non-spellcaster to use the Craft(Alchemy) skill?
  5. IcyCool

    Suggest a book to me.

    So, I, like many others here, like to read. I'll read just about anything, and give just about any author a try. I'm looking to add something from specific genres to my reading queue. I'm burnt out on modern-day fantasy (early Anita Blake, Dresden Files, etc.), and would like to add some good...
  6. IcyCool

    Moorcock's Elric saga, do they get better?

    So, based on the suggestions of a few folks here, I've plowed through the first 2 Elric books. At this point, I'm feeling a little bit like Job, with Moorcock as the Devil. Rather than continuing in good faith that these books become better (and potentially wasting my time), I figured I'd ask...
  7. IcyCool

    [October] What are you wearing?

    That's right, I said it. ;)
  8. IcyCool

    Greater Manyshot and Skirmish (or Sneak Attack)

    Quick question. Are the arrows fired from a Greater Manyshot considered a volley? In other words, do you get full Sneak Attack or Skirmish on each of them, or only one?
  9. IcyCool

    Head of the class (stonegod judging)[Concluded]

    When you enter the back room, you see the old man seated at a long table, his cane across his lap, his hat in his hands. He is impatiently fidgeting with his hat. He looks up at your entry and says, "Hulloo, hulloo! Have a seat. We'll wait until everyone is here, as I hate repeating myself."...
  10. IcyCool

    Changes to the assassin

    I was looking over the assassin the other day, and aside from the fluff, couldn't see any reason for the Alignment and Special pre-requisites. The PrC makes an excellent spy, scout, or thief, just as well as it makes an assassin. As such, I propose the following changes: 1. Either eliminate...
  11. IcyCool

    Polymorphic Transfer feat (vetoed)

    I noticed that, as we don't have Savage Species available for the "Assume Supernatural Ability" feat, and that the Psionic SRD has an equivalent feat, there was a hole in the arcanists bag of tricks. So here's a feat to fix it. I limited it to polymorph and polymorph any object to keep Elan...
  12. IcyCool

    Custom Spells (Revised 7-18-2006)

    I've got a 3rd level Kenku wizard in the wings, awaiting the time when we get to bring in 3rd level characters. So I thought I take advantage of the wait and put up some custom spells I'd like for him to have/design. All spells will, of course, be private to that character. Bone Puppet is the...
  13. IcyCool

    Looking for a druid spell.

    I've seen it somewhere, but can't remember where. I think it was 7th or 8th, and it was esentially a teleport spell that moved you from one spot on land to another spot on land within a certain radius (measured in miles?). Can anyone fill me in on the name of the spell and where I can find it...
  14. IcyCool

    Enchanting Improvised Weapons?

    So, I've got a few questions regarding magical weapons. More specifically, what can be enchanted as a weapon? Can anything that can be used as an improvised weapon be enchanted as one? (i.e. a +1 flaming shovel) What about the Justicar's (PrC from Complete Warrior) ability to wield masterwork...
  15. IcyCool

    Is material from Unearthed Arcana allowed?

    Specifically, the Whirling Frenzy variant Barbarian ability?
  16. IcyCool

    A question about Goliath Barbarian Racial Substitution levels.

    So, I was reading through the Mountain Rage(Ex) ability, and it seems to be horrifically potent. It replaces Rage, and gives the following benefits: Increases size to Large. The goliath gets the associated penalties and bonuses (such as the +2 STR bonus) and such for being large...
  17. IcyCool

    Are there any PrCs that give fighter BAB and a sneak attack progression?

    Well, any besides Blackguard? The recent thread on heavily armored rogues got me to thinking ...
  18. IcyCool

    Glove of Storing question.

    One of my players sprung this on me the other evening, and I was wondering if there was any errata on the subject. The character has a shield, and a Glove of Storing. Could he, at the start of his turn, store the shield as a free action (thereby allowing him to use both hands that turn), and...
  19. IcyCool

    Help me choose spells for my sorcerer.

    I'm playing a sorcerer in a new campaign. He's young prince (12-13ish) who's been wrongly accused of murdering his eldest brother (he's the youngest of three, and the middle brother is making a power grab). He's currently 3rd level, and is going to hit 4th pretty soon (shooting for Archmage)...
  20. IcyCool

    The Le Games Cheesecake Banner Ads.

    The Le, what's the deal with your banner ads? Did you take the idea of "sex sells" to heart, or what? I'm not complaining, mind you. It's just an observation. :D