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  1. J

    5E It's Time To Rethink What An Adventure Path Can Be On Roll20

    Those look amazing, I will probably be upping my Roll20 subscription level just to get the new toys to use when I DM online. I will need to brush up on my Roll20 skills, it has been a long time since I have DM'd on there. I never truly gave enough effort to learn the software enough to prep and...
  2. J

    5E Realigning the races post tasha's

    Not much to add until I go through them all. Fantastic idea! Looking forward to adding these to my own game as options and even traits for other creatures to use. Looks like a great way to add in feats, templates, racial training, etc.
  3. J

    5E Half ASI feat for 19th level open hand monk?

    I voted Shadow-touched because it sounded cool and thematic for your character
  4. J

    5E The "Faster Features" Variant (+)

    @dnd4vr Barbarian: Rage damage could scale the same as proficiency bonus. Other classes seem to get more damage boosts (eg. monk scaled martial arts) so it's in line with them. Fighter: saving throw bonuses will stack hard with Indomitable. Only +1, I'm sure play-testing will see how this...
  5. J

    5E The "Faster Features" Variant (+)

    I think this is a fantastic idea! Will go through and try to add actual constructive criticism later :)
  6. J

    5E Using all 6 abilities for saves

    I created a new homebrew condition, bleeding, to have damage over time. Some monsters have traits that do extra damage to bleeding creatures, and some weapons/attacks can impose the condition. Lots of other little things I integrate it with. I also change the damage type to mimic other...
  7. J

    5E Weirdest House Rules You've Encountered in the Wild

    Cover rules: no penalty on ranged attacks shooting into melee, no bonus for taking covers, no +Dex saves... and of course everyone complained about static combats and no movement....
  8. J

    General Naming the Barbarian? [added battlerager]

    I like Berserker - it has Norse/Viking connotations "to fight in a trance". The berserker has the potential to rage and enter into a special state. It doesn't (necessarily) mean that they are always angry. I like the later stages of MCU Bruce Banner/The Hulk. A great example of a Barbarian-type...
  9. J

    General Favorite Halloween One-Shots

    I do an annual Halloween one shot. This will be the 6th year Last year was heavily inspired by Coco, Dias de muertos (mexican culture+day of the dead), and School of Rock The party ended up winning the (literal) battle of the bands and defeated the dark Baron Samedi, finally allowing the...
  10. J

    Ice Dice: An Interview With Jon Lunn (Spidermind Games)

    Ice Dice is a fantastic idea. An obvious market for it in retrospect, and something to build on for their company going forward if they choose. Already placed an order for my current DM as an easy Xmas gift, but kicking myself for not thinking of it myself! Props to Jon and Spidermind Games...
  11. J

    General Sword & Sandals campaign ideas

    Search up the Dark Sun 5e conversion/homebrew guides. I have seen a bunch around and lots of them have good ideas for a lower-magic, Conan feel. Mythic Odyssey of Theros is probably another good one to look at. Watch/read a few movies/books/comics about them for inspiration. 300 (movie and...
  12. J

    5E Dragon Age Categories: The Poll!

    This DMGuilds product has two additional dragons for age categories. Monster Manual Expanded (5E) - Dungeon Masters Guild | Dungeon Masters Guild 1. Young Adult (in between Young and Adult), good for 2nd-tier parties as a challenging boss encounter or medium encounter for higher level parties 2...
  13. J

    5E Animate Trees Question

    Slam only. the wording specifies the Tree gets the “Slam action option”, not the Multiattack action
  14. J

    5E If all Rangers had an animal companion ...

    I like the UA Class Variants, where the Druid can expend a use of their Wildshape to cast Find Familiar instead. Maybe adding Find Familiar to the Ranger spell list could fill the niche for some players who want a flavourful animal companion without devoting their entire subclass to it. A...
  15. J

    5E Versatile Fighting Style

    I have found that the use of Versatile weapons really depends on how RAW many DMs rule certain things. Personally I track having a free hand - you can't grapple with both a shield and weapon, object interaction cannot be done, holding a torch or item requires sheathing your weapon, casting some...
  16. J

    5E Favorite 5e monster

    Ettercap. My first PC kill in 5e was from a garrote from behind
  17. J

    5E Sneak Attack question

    By RAW and RAI, yes Sneak Attack would work That's a smart Rogue and one of the benefits of being mounted As a hostile creature (controlled by the DM) if it becomes an issue, do what any smaller creature has learned when fighting a bigger opponent - attack low and kill the mount.
  18. J

    5E Homebrew - Ranger subclass: Lycanthrope

    Ranger Archetype: Lycanthrope Level 3: Shapeshifter You can change your body to grow a biting maw and sharp claws. Your unarmed melee attacks deal 1d6 slashing or piercing damage (your choice). You can use two-weapon fighting with your unarmed strikes. You are able to shift into a hybrid beast...
  19. J

    5E Thematic combinations

    One option is to look at what equipment you can use - tool sets, healer's kits, alchemist fire, holy water, caltrops, etc. Even if you have no healing spells yourself but carry around potions of healing and a healer's kit, you can help support that healing role. Picking appropriate skills and...
  20. J

    Help me choose a VTT

    I am watching this thread - I am looking for a VTT to get into. Have plenty of experience with Roll20 but find that prepping multiple maps for a session or short adventure (have not even attempted a long campaign) can take a while. My wants: -5e compatible -easy map integration -simple UI - I...