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  1. seusomon

    General An Ontology of D&D Alignment

    In Nerilourias, alignment is mostly a matter of one’s personality and moral inclinations, as expressed through actions. It is both a guide to roleplaying and a tool for understanding the larger conflicts of the world. The following alignment descriptions first address behavior and motivation...
  2. seusomon

    General An Ontology of D&D Alignment

    I worked through this for a campaign setting I am currently working on. It's a medieval-Europe-like place, with the driving concept being that the world is controlled by the gods associated with the seven astrological planets. There is a correspondence between the gods and the alignment system...
  3. seusomon

    General An Ontology of D&D Alignment

    I wonder, do you have this in a single pdf or Word file? It would be nice to download without copying each individual posting in this thread.
  4. seusomon

    General An Ontology of D&D Alignment

    This is an excellent essay. It captures a full range of questions that need to be thought about if alignment is going to be an important element of a campaign. I have always thought that the D&D alignment is tantalizing in its potential for creating rich situations for role playing, but tends to...
  5. seusomon

    Paragon Paths - play experiences?

    I'd like to hear from people who have paragon-level characters: How do the paragon paths "feel" in play? I like the idea of characters taking on a particular persona or mission at this level, but when I read the descriptions of the different paths, I worry that the additional powers might just...
  6. seusomon

    4E Handling things like Riding and Craft with 4E Skills.

    ride: 4e DMG has rules for mounted combat. I use those, and find there is no need for any additional detail. craft: it's part of character background, with no need for mechanical trappings. If a characters wants to be able to make something that's reasonable, they can.
  7. seusomon

    Yet Another Take on Page 42

    The guidelines on page 42 of the DMG certainly have the potential of being a DM's best friend. But the DCs as originally printed seemed too high, especially when combined with the misdesigned skill challenge rules. The corrections issued by WotC, though, seem to swing too far in the other...
  8. seusomon

    4E Showing the Math: Proving that 4e’s Skill Challenge system is broken (math heavy)

    Very interesting thread. I don't have my DMG yet, but it sounds to me like the main problem is the expectations set up in the text about the difficulty of a typical skill challenge. The system itself is interesting, and could be fun for players with the right sort of mindset to milk it for...