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    Blog (A5E) Class Balance In A5E: How Much Damage Should A Damage Dealer Deal?

    I may be missing something. Cleric can't cast two leveled spells on the first round, can he? You would need to pick Spiritual Weapon or Spirit Guardians.
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    Level Up (A5E) Improving spells

    On the DMsguild, there is a product called the Opus of Extrinsic Substance, that does a great job of both putting the spells in alphabetical order by level, but also clearly showing which classes have each spell on their list. Everything you need is right there. Give it a look.
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    5E [5e] Spell & Crossbones (recruiting 1-2)

    I don't think it's coming back. I had assumed it was dead. That happens in pbp a lot. It was a good and fun game while it lasted and that is sometimes the best you can hope for.
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    Tip Line

    I have been watching Kobold Press' latest kickstarter (Tales of the Old Margreve, and it has caused more than a little bit of a stir. The publisher is presenting the Kickstarter in print and VTT format without offering PDFs as an option and is getting a lot of flack for it. That strikes me as...
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    [5E] [OOC] JM's A Bit of Trouble (Closed)

    I think that's what I'm going to do on this occasion. I misjudged my time. Hopefully, I didn't deter any others from jumping in.
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    [5E] [OOC] JM's A Bit of Trouble (Closed)

    My schedule has been busier than I anticipated and I haven't had time to get a character for this game. I completely understand if you need to move on.
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    [5E] [OOC] JM's A Bit of Trouble (Closed)

    I'd be interested in tossing my hat in the ring if you'd have me. I'll probably need until Sunday night/Monday morning to get you a character though.
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    2E Is 5e Basically Becoming Pathfinder 2e?

    I'm not an 'old school' gamer, but I think I would question whether a highly deadly game and allowing player options are mutually exclusive ideals. If you guys need players for your group and you have a small population to draw from, then I would encourage you to boil your game down to its...
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    2E Is 5e Basically Becoming Pathfinder 2e?

    I DM for a group that I pulled together near the beginning of 5E. We're all adults so we don't get to play as often as we'd like, but we still enjoy it. Of the group, only myself and my good friend had played any D&D before. The four other players were completely new to D&D and to tabletop...
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    DDAL Lost Tales of Myth Drannor: DDAL's "Secret" D&D Book For Gen Con 50

    I tip my hat to your dedication, sir! Hopefully, WotC will budget to help out with these initiatives in the future. I'm hopeful for the POD option myself. No chance to get to GenCon, I'm afraid.
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    DDAL Lost Tales of Myth Drannor: DDAL's "Secret" D&D Book For Gen Con 50

    Wait, this wasn't funded by WotC? At all? That seems... short-sighted of them. They had to be involved in the approval process somewhere along the way right? They couldn't use a bit of their promotional budget to help with this? I'm shocked. Will the admins receive profit from the material...
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    Critical Role Delve into Critical Role's campaign setting with co-writer James Haeck!

    I can't say that I'm a super-fan, but I'll gladly claim to be a fan. I'm working my way through their backlog, but haven't gotten current yet (they're about to fight Thordak). So with that, I would offer that there isn't anything high concept different about the setting. The continent...
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    5E [5e] QL's Al-Qadim Game

    The embedded link should take you to the Hero Forge site, but, just in case, here's a screenshot too.
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    5E [5e] QL's Al-Qadim Game

    Okay, here's my attempt to make Husam. I have no sense of how to pair color (my wife has to approve my clothes when we go out). It's just never clicked with me. Anyway, that's just front loading the excuses. Here you go: Here's a link to a Heroforge attempt for maps and whatnot...
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    5E [OOC] Creamsteak's Storm King's Thunder

    I just went and grabbed one real quick. Will this work or do I need to size it to a particular dimension?
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    DMs Guild Pay What You Want on the DMs Guild - An Analysis and Explanation

    As a follow-up to myself, I had one person take me up on this offer so far. Here's the review: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product_reviews.php?products_id=174637 Offer's still open. Right now, my browser is telling me ENworld isn't safe whenever I go advanced to embed the link so I'll have to...
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    DMs Guild Pay What You Want on the DMs Guild - An Analysis and Explanation

    If reviews are really that hard to come by, I'll offer some of my free time. I'm not anyone special, but if you'll send me a PM with a link to your PWYW product, I'll take a look and write up a review. If I suddenly get hit with dozens of these, it'll take a while, but if it's just a few (and...
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    War of the Burning Sky Color Print

    Hey Morrus, I'm currently running and loving WotBS. It's the first game that I've ever successfully run for more than a handful of sessions and I hope to see it all the way through. It's beautifully designed and a joy to read and run. For all those reasons, I would love to be able to...
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    Into the Dragon's Maw (Adventure)

    If you're ok with a slight retcon, I'm ok with you having cast Unseen Servant as a ritual before you entered the cave. It's up to you. I wish I had that thought earlier. Sorry about that. I don't want to push the narrative unless I have to, but I want to give you what I can to help you...
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    5E Into the Dragon's Maw - Character Sheets

    Hey folks, if you're a part of this game, please post your character here for easy reference. Thanks!