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    4E Should WotC Release 4E Now?

    yes I doubt many people are going to not buy the books because they have downloaded the leaked copies. All this has done is create more buzz and hell it might even get them some more sales as the anti 4th edition crowd can see what the game is and not just snippets anymore.
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    So any bets when the first books will show up?

    So most times when books (or most anything) is scheduled to release the stores usually have to get the product early so they can ensure all locations have it for the release day. Well there are usually several places that put them out early for people to buy either via ignorance or an attempt...
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    Warlocks not warlockey anymore

    I have loved the 3.5 Warlock from the moment it was released but something has been bugging me that I could not quite put my finger on. I think I have figured it out at last. In 3.5 the warlock is an endless fountain of magic, he never runs out and has full access to all of his powers. Now...
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    Warlocks need wands now?

    I loved the theme and feel of the 3rd edition Warlock, but when looking at the character sheet that is posted I noticed that they need to have a wand to use their abilitites now? I always loved that the power came from within and that you did not need any items to use them. Also did they get...
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    4E Copyrights, NDAs and 4e "demos"

    Also figure that all we will get is the first level stuff but it should be a flood compared to what we have had in the past. Also it will be great to see real players thoughts on the game with no marketing BS or "only say good stuff".
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    4E I want 4E NOW!

    I was lucky enough to get to test 3.0 months before it came out as I worked in the computer gaming industry and we had access to the new rules then. Unfortunately I got out of that line of work and now I have to wait until it comes out in June. I even tried contacting old co-workers who are...
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    4E What has you excited about 4e?

    1. Mostly Warlocks being core so they my get something other then half a page in new products that come out down the road. 2. End of full attack actions 3. New spell system that lets caster do stuff. 4. Action points