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    5E WotC Announcement?

    So the dnd twitter feed just posted this: And if you look at the schedule there is a mystery show at 12pm on Thursday. Could be anything, but thought it might be of interest. AD
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    5E Dragon + Issue 26 is out

    http://www.dragonmag.com/5.0/#!/article/117400/103786065?loadFresh=true&title=26_01_Issue%2026%20cover Some fun content. Digital maps for Saltmarsh are provided. AD
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    Mearls and Spelljammer challenge

    So this says nothing about time frames or what a 'supplement' entails, but I thought Spelljammer enthusiasts on these boards might find the following twitter exchange interesting: https://twitter.com/mikemearls/status/998605924423024643 (summary: Someone said they'd eat their PHB if WotC ever...
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    5E Nathan Stewart Promises WotC will do something with new settings in 2018

    So, Nathan Stewart does these fireside chats on twitch. He did one today: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/205845329 At about the 28:10 mark he promises that WotC will do 'something' with new settings in 2018, 'either on DM's Guild or officially published'. He says there will be 'movement' on that...
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    5E Updated Xanathar Guide Info

    On the product page: http://dnd.wizards.com/products/tabletop-games/rpg-products/xanathars-guide-everything "Over twenty-five new subclasses for the character classes in the Player’s Handbook, including the Cavalier for the fighter, the Circle of Dreams for the druid, the Horizon Walker for...
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    5E Xanathar hint from Crawford?

    Thought this was interesting: https://twitter.com/JeremyECrawford/status/901116846207713281 Suggests perhaps they are collecting some things together for each class? AD
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    5E Mystic and Artificer now on DM''s Guild. Part of additional playtest process

    http://dnd.wizards.com/articles/unearthed-arcana/unearthed-arcana-update Seems to indicate that when we will get the final official mystic is still up in the air. Also cool that they are continuing to refine it publicly though. There's also a video where Mike talks about it...
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    Input/Advice for Infernal Pact Warlock Patrons

    Hey folks, Short bit of background-- I'm running a campaign where a previous world shattering calamity has brought the Feywild and the Shadowfell closer to the mortal world. This is characterized by a high frequency of shadow and fey crossings, as well as the mortal world being used as a...
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    Draconomicon: Shadow Dragons of Different Age Classes

    Hey folks, I've got the Draconomicon: Chromatic Dragons. I'm want to use the Shadow Dragon. However, the only age class provided is elder, and it's too powerful for my current purposes. I want to use a young or an adult shadow dragon. First-- Is there a web enhancement or DDI article that...
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    Light Shield and Implement question

    I'm thinking about creating a Paladin multiclassed into wizard. --The wizard multiclass feat allows the use of wizard implements. -- The light shield allows you hold something in your shield hand -- The light shield does not allow you to attack with that held object Clearly the restriction...
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    Module for newbie DM

    Hey folks. I've introduced a friend's kids to D&D (3.5). They've been reading the rules backwards and forwards, and I promised I'd run a quick game for them to show them how it all works in play. I can whip something together for that pretty quick. However, this is a one-shot for me...
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    Firefox 2.0 Question

    Hey folks, I just upgraded to Firefox 2.0, and there's one annoying thing I'd like to change if possible. In previous versions of firefox (and other browsers for that matter) if I chose an address from address bar history it would automatically load that link. In 2.0, if I select a site from...
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    Product with Armor as DR?

    Hey folks, A friend of mine is starting up a 3.5 D&D campaign, and he wants alternate rules for using armor as DR- or something equivalent. I know I've seen that mentioned around here, and I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction. I don't know if WotC has put out...
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    Codemonkey Down?

    Anyone else having trouble getting to their site today? AD
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    Advice on Supplements for a d20 Future Game

    Hey folks, I'm gathering some materials to put together a d20 future game. I've looked over the stickied thread (very useful), but I still had a couple questions for you experts out there. I've just picked up the d20 Modern book, d20 Future, d20 Future Tech, d20 Cybersscaoe, and d20...
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    d20 Future going out of print?

    Just curious about this, but I notice that Amazon has it listed as '4-6 weeks', that Paizo says it's unavailable, and that my FLGS guy told me it was no longer available to order from his distributor (i.e. he couldn't get any more in). Is it going out of print, or is someone aware of a second...
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    Can a character floating from Reverse Gravity fire a bow?

    I suspect I know the answer to this one, but it just came up in our game. Situation: Character affected by a reverse gravity spell. She 'falls' up 30 feet without running into an object and therefore "remains there oscillating slightly" (as per the PH). Any reason she can't fire her bow...
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    Epic Fochlucan Lyrist

    Has anyone seen/developed an epic progression for this class? Thanks, AD
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    Half-giant 'Powerful Build' from XPH

    From the 3.5 SRD: Inappropriately Sized Weapons: A creature can’t make optimum use of a weapon that isn’t properly sized for it. A cumulative –2 penalty applies on attack rolls for each size category of difference between the size of its intended wielder and the size of its actual wielder. If...
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    Instrument of the Bards

    Since I'm on a bard kick (converting old 1ed characters)-- Has anyone seen 3.0/3.5 versions of the old 1ed instruments of the bards? Or items that are fairly equivalent? Thanks, AD