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    Dungeon Master's Screen Wilderness Kit: An In-Depth Review

    Contrary to what is reported in this review, I don't think the D&D Starter Set ever included a DM screen. Or am I missing something?
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    5E Midnight: Legacy of Darkness announced at GenCon Online

    Looks like a fan took the fold-out poster map from the Fury of Shadow boxed set and added nexus and black mirror sites (which are not on the map in the original product).
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    5E Corellon, the Elven Schism and Manichaeism

    I view the stories about gods and their conflicts presented in D&D sourcebooks as nothing more than mythologies that various peoples cling to in order to explain their own collective place in the world, including historical enmities with other peoples/races/cultures (i.e., justifications for...
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    General Country size and population density of the Flanaess (Greyhawk)

    Thanks for the links, Bupp! Interesting stuff!
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    General Country size and population density of the Flanaess (Greyhawk)

    That's a fair point. I also wonder if, for one reason or another, the count might exclude children and others who may not have voting rights (e.g., thralls, slaves, convicts, etc.), or other classes of people "not deemed worthy" of being recognized as people by the ruling factions?
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    General Country size and population density of the Flanaess (Greyhawk)

    Thanks for your hard work and for sharing, Longetalos, I find this very useful. The most surprising finding is that... most countries in the Flanaess have a lower population density than Canada (which has a population density of 4 people per square km)??? That strikes me as unlikely... and a...
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    General Question on map/ begining of Curse of Strahd

    It might also be worth emphasizing that approaching the castle from the south and west would entail scaling sheer 1,000 foot cliffs (if I recall the height correctly).
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    General Adventure Begins - first impressions

    I have not played it and I don't think that I'm the intended audience, but I did enjoy your review... and it's making me consider it as a gift for a gamer friend of mine who has kids ranging in age from 4-14, and whose wife is an author of children's books. I think they might get a kick out of...
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    5E 3 Classic Settings Coming To 5E?

    Although it didn't make my top 3, I would gladly buy a 5e Birthright book... but I won't hold my breath waiting for it to be made.
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    5E 3 Classic Settings Coming To 5E?

    I must have been living under a rock and was not aware of those survey results. Thanks for sharing! Yeah, based on that info, I think you may be right... and I am pleasantly surprised that Ravenloft ranked as highly as it did in the survey (I thought for sure that Dark Sun would have claimed...
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    5E 3 Classic Settings Coming To 5E?

    I think you're probably right. I'm not a fan of Spelljammer and would rather see either Greyhawk or Ravenloft as the "third" classic setting, but I think WotC may want to see if Spelljammer can capture some of Paizo's Starfinder players. That, and for some reason, I think space hamsters would...
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    5E Midnight: Legacy of Darkness announced at GenCon Online

    Nothing new to my knowledge.
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    5E Streets of Peril: 5e Setting

    Wow! Gorgeous art and layout! Good luck with the Kickstarter!
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    General Great and not so great setting specific sourebooks/modules

    My favourites: 1) Midnight (FFG): The core book + all of the region sourcebooks for the line (Hammer and Shadow, Honor and Shadow, Destiny and Shadow, Star and Shadow, Under the Shadow, Heart of Shadow, Forge of Shadow, City of Shadow). Still the most evocative sourcebooks I have ever had the...
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    General Greyhawk and "Low Magic" : Why Low Magic is in the Eyes of Beholder

    If Edge Entertainment manage to pull off an excellent low magic 5e variant for Midnight: Legacy of Darkness, I might use that model and apply it to my future Greyhawk campaigns. That, and maybe elements from Adventures in Middle-Earth, if my players are open to it. From the Ashes era Greyhawk...
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    5E DM Theory?

    I'm 46 and started playing/DMing with the Basic/Expert (red/blue) boxes around 1985, and I'd say I've DMed the most under that system in the mid-late 1980s, and, over the last decade, using Pathfinder 1.0. I have also DMed some AD&D 1 (but not a whole lot), a bit more AD&D 2e and D&D 3.5, then...
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    5E Midnight: Legacy of Darkness announced at GenCon Online

    I have never been as excited by a gaming product announcement as I am by this one... I will pre-order this product and anything else Midnight they decide to release!!!
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    5E Best uses for Tenser's Floating Disk

    Cool thread. Could it be used as a barrier to block/impede movement of medium-sized foes in the direction of the caster? Might it grant disadvantage to someone trying to make a ranged attack directly across the space where the disc is floating? Just wondering aloud, as these scenarios have...
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    [Ares Games] Battlestar Galactica Starship Battles

    Cylon base and Galactica expansions? Argh! What is the difference between the various "identical" ship expansions? Does it come down to paint schemes and player cards, or does something else set those expansions apart?