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    Open Table Campaigns

    Does anyone have any experience or advice running an open table campaign where many players drop in and out of the same sandbox campaign setting? This has been a bucket list experience for me for a while and I know enough players now who would be interested. One issue is whether time is...
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    5E Three pillars: what is "exploration"?

    I was looking at the explanation of the "three pillars" of D&D (5e PHB, p.8), and I was disappointed to find that exploration is not well-defined at all. "Exploration includes both the adventurers' movement through the world and their interactions with objects and situations that require their...
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    What's your exercise routine?

    If you don't have one, why not? (Don't mean to sound too antagonistic; we all know the health benefits of exercise but so few of us do it regularly). I commute by bicycle, which is an hour to an hour and a half of cycling a day for me, depending on traffic and my energy levels. I also go to...
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    Campaign structure: combining the sandbox and adventure path

    I may post some more thoughts on the broader concept later, but to start: Anybody explicitly balance only certain plot-relevant encounters to party level? I.e. most encounters are in a status quo sandbox, not adjusted to party level, but main storyline encounters (or adventuring days/small...
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    5E Adventure seeds that are not quests

    What are some things for PCs to do that don't involve an NPC telling or asking them to do something? Searching for magic items Searching for new spells Searching for treasure for its own sake or for XP Killing monsters for its own sake or for XP Spell research Saving to buy high quality...
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    Can't see new posts in the thread on harassment in gaming

    I can't view the last day or so of posts in this thread: http://www.enworld.org/forum/showthread.php?482661-Harassment-in-gaming/ I would appreciate clarification about what's going on here. Is this just a bug, or are posts being deleted? Or am I personally banned from the thread? Umbran said...
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    5E Death, dying and class balance

    A few posters recently have expressed dissatisfaction with how soft the rules for death and dying are in 5e. I share this sentiment and would like to make 0HP a scarier prospect with a houserule or two, but I'm concerned with how this would impact class balance. There seems to have been a...
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    5E Negative feedback to spike damage

    Just tossing out an idea on how to make "solo" encounters tougher. It seems odd that Legendary Resistance protects against failed saving throws but not pure spike damage. What if Legendary Resistance also included a negative feedback mechanism for damage. E.g. after 30 points of damage, the...
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    5E Hexcrawls/wilderness adventures

    Anybody running a hexcrawl? How's your game going? What scale do you use for the map? How do you handle short and long rests? How do you balance and place encounters/adventures? Do you use any houserules or optional rules? More broadly, I'm trying to decide whether a hexcrawl should be...
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    5E Very cool source for wilderness maps

    I've been looking for good maps at the 1 mile-per-hex "province" scale, but they're difficult to find. Mike Schley's maps are nice but too simplistic to take advantage of the smaller scale. The contour maps in old TSR modules had the right idea but they're ugly and difficult to use. Amateur...
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    5E Not liking these surprise rules

    The surprise rules seem so clunky that I can't see them being used often. Coming from 1e, I'm used to rolling for surprise for both sides almost every encounter. I like how it adds some variance to the initial encounter state, instead of it always being "you seem monsters about 30' ahead...
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    I've found the basis for 4e-style fantasy words

    e.g. shadowfell, feywild, macetails, bloodspikes, etc. James Wyatt believes fantasy should be written in "Anglish"*, which is English that only uses Anglo-Saxon (i.e. Old English) words. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anglish I like some Anglish words: birdlore instead of ornithology, worldken...
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    Humans rule at distance running

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-24953910 especially Kenyans.
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    How important is it that a dungeon makes sense?

    How important is it that a dungeon "makes sense", and what does that mean to you? If it is important, would you still be able to enjoy a "nonsensical" dungeon if its nonsensical because it exists in a dream or in an afterlife limbo of some sort?
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    Old school feats?

    Anybody have a list or resource for some class-independent optional special abilities usable with pre-3e editions? I would like to concentrate on the ones that let you do something you can't ordinarily do, or break the rules in some dramatic way, rather than the ones that just give you a slight...
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    Do you visualize arithmetic?

    Let's say you want to convert a d6 into a d3. Do you roll (3) and then divide the result by two (2)? Or do you visualize the 6 results of the d6 roll, and separate it into three chunks of two (1 and 2=1; 3 and 4=2; 5 and 6=3), then roll and refer to this picture? I always do the second method...
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    How do I get my basketball team to win a game?

    On a lark two friends and I decided to join a basketball rec league. We were matched up with 10 other people to make a team. We've played two games now and were blown out badly each time. I'm doing alright, mostly because I'm 6'4" so I can usually get some baskets just shooting over people. But...
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    I could have sworn there was a "Fitness" prefix...

    Anyway I found this fitness program by chance on Lulu, and I just finished week 3 of it today. It's really nice; great variety of exercises, the instructor isn't annoying, and there's no cheesy music. It's just a good workout. This is a husband and wife team who put up workouts for free on...
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    The moderators here do a very good job

    Especially Umbran. He's always respectful to people and gives them a warning and a chance to reconsider their behavior before slapping them with a thread ban or forum ban. I appreciate that. That is all :)
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    Do the D&D boardgames have any brilliant ideas for tracking resources?

    I've never played any of the boardgames and I don't expect to any time soon, but I'm working on a new character sheet to help move classic/OSR dungeoncrawling into more of a boardgame direction, so I'm wondering if they have any good ideas for tracking resources, keeping identified and...