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    Building a settlement from scratch, how much progress by month?

    (MINOR spoilers for Ruins of Azlant 1 - The Lost Outpost) Currently doing the prep work for a campaign, I'm using some adventure modules to handle frameworks for things I'm unfamiliar with, but I'm looking to change them, and I'm not sure how to gauge things for that. Also "checking the math"...
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    Leveling up with Milestones--how do you handle it?

    For those who handle "You level up" when it's story convenient or when you feel like it's time, how does that typically play out in your game in terms of number of encounters/sessions/time-played before a level up? How does that usually end up if you were to go back and measure it. Mainly...
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    Paizo A question about Paizo/PF adventure design

    I haven't gotten the chance to play PF, but I really enjoy the quality of Paizo's adventures, from their NPCs to the maps to the general aim (like Kingmaker's hexcrawling and nation building rules). But I notice one design habit that goes across many of the products, and that's why I'm here: i...
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    How to handle adventuring loot outside of a strong economy?

    I'm hitting a snag with an upcoming campaign. The setup is very similar to the pre-Colonial period of the USA. The PCs are part of the first settlers on a new continent full of natives on a similar technological level to the Native Americans. Part of the result though is that it's probably a...
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    4E Who created "Marvelous Monsters" creature design here on ENWorld?

    I'm pretty sure someone here on ENWorld wrote this and posted in a thread. That's where I remember getting it. Been running a 4e game and this little PDF is doing a lot of heavy lifting. Yet I have some questions about the design. Problem is there's no author attributed, and good luck digging...
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    Worldbuilding: How far should things be?

    While this is specific to my current situation--see post two for the setting I'm working on--it's worth asking in general: when trying to go for some sort of semblance of believability, how far should things be from one another, geographically speaking? Villages fo different races...
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    Anyone ever played a game with two linked groups?

    Right now I'm running a short-ish campaign, so my eye is on the next. I could run it with two different focuses: either nation building/diplomacy/sticking around the home base and defending it, or going out and exploring uncharted areas. Then I realized I could run each, one for two groups. And...
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    What kind of "Friendly" encounters could happen in the Far Realms?

    I'm running a short-ish campaign where the PCs are trapped in a mega-dungeon dungeon that has been sucked into the Far Realms. The goal of the campaign is to get back home safely, which entails sending the dungeon back. Denizens in the Far Realms thus are going to come into various parts of the...
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    Characters over an infernal barrel

    I am not quite sure how to exactly handle a situation in an upcoming game. It could be very cut and dry, but it has the potential to be more interesting, and I want to inject a possible social challenge. The campaign involves the PCs stuck inside a big underground dungeon that's been sucked...
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    Drawing a Big Dungeon Map--Help?

    I've been hit with some inspiration and I want to try to run a particular campaign, but I'm not quite sure how to get the square peg into the round hole that is my brain. The inspiration for the game's start is Half-Life. For those who haven't played it, scientists at a top-secret research...
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    4E Ready Party One; Making a Big Flaw an Advantage

    4e has some issues that many have complained about. That 1) It's "video gamey". 2) The game is heavily tactical combat focused, but has next to nothing in terms of out-of-combat mechanics or utility or story. While laying in bed I realized a way to actually utilize these as part of the...
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    4E [Fan Creation WIP] Class; The Exorcist

    So I've always had this class kicking around in the back of my mind, but couldn't get it out of my head today and decided to just throw some words at a page. My 4e books are in storage so all I had to go on was looking at a few Warlock powers as balance, so it looks rough. The concept is a...
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    PF2E PF2E like D&D 4e?

    Hi there. I was loitering on the internets and I saw an interesting post that said this: Can anyone confirm/deny this? If correct, can folks give some kind of idea how PF2e is like D&D 4e? No matter what, please no 4e bashing. It's my favorite iteration of D&D and I pretty much left RPGs...
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    Exploration based adventures/campaigns: how do you do it?

    I've been really jonsing to run a game with a heavy bent on exploration. But I am not sure exactly how to do it. There's the issue of Hexcrawling, but let's get to that later. In general, what sort of tenants do you use in an exploration-focused game? What are your goals? Where is your plot...
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    Ship Map Help

    I'm putting together a map today for a ship voyage, and I am woefully unknowledged about ships. :) What are some good dimensions for a ship (squares width by squares length)? The ship I have in mind is not something built for war/repelling battle at sea, but (roughly) a cargo vessel.
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    Encounter Advice for Lopsided Party

    In my new campaign, the PCs are running 4 strikers and a leader. Rogue Avenger (Eladrin with a Longsword) Warlock Ranger (TW with a hint of bow) Cleric (Ranged) So I figure that they're either going to kill things very fast, or die very fast. Any suggestions on how I should build encounters...