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    Deep Carbon Observatory Remastered

    The title says it all. Or, maybe not... here's a link to a review, one of the many: ENWorld Review Kickstarter link? This way, please. Regards, Ruemere PS. I am one of the lucky few who never read or had the adventure. :)
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    10 Facts about Tome of Horrors, Complete, and Frog God Games

    Note: This is a capsule review meant to provide basic information and important links to otherwise widely publicized product. For a full blown review you're strongly recommended to read Paizo product review pages and ENWorld review by Steel_Wind. #10 This is CR 20 book. It's a small Chaotic...
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    Gungslinger Reloaded, 2nd round of playtest ONLINE

    Gunslinger Reloaded, round two of Ultimate Combat playtest is available for download. Changes abound. Regards, Ruemere
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    Oathbound is back!

    (this is not a press release) Oathbound, my second favorite setting of 3.x, is back. Pathfinderized. And released by Epidemic Books Co. For those, who'd like head straight for the books Oathbound Seven (PFRPG) PDF New core book. There are six domain books rolled into this one. Setting...
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    Lunar Colossus, conversion from Creature Collection 2

    As I'm still running my Scarred Lands campaign, I have to convert (or convert and modify) creatures from Creature Collection series. What follows, is a sample of my work, and as it is probably quite accurate, I hope that someone finds it useful (or worthwhile posting a comment or two). Please...
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    Tome of Horrors Complete Edition

    Our friendly successors of Necromancers Games, FROG GOD GAMES, are releasing Tome of Horrors Complete Edition. As I have hunted high and low for more information, I happened on product release thread at Paizo forums with Bill Webb, Greg Vaughan and the Pale (Chuck Wright, the layout person for...
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    Varnhold Vanishing, minireview

    (Adventure Path Subscriber here) (Heavy spoilers follow - if you're a player, you're seriously risking spoiling your fun) This is a short review of Varnhold Vanishing content, as per Rechan request. I have the print version and have just completed reading it, though to be completely fair, I...
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    Sandmasker aka Scorpionfolk (conversion)

    Several weeks ago, I have been writing up a travel scenario for Scarred Lands campaign (characters were going from Mithril to Hollowfaust, via incognito sea travel service of House Asuras), and during my research of available monsters, I have found existing conversion of Sandmaskers...
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    PF1E Green Ronin at Paizo.com (Apocalypse sale)

    Disclaimer: This is a thank-you post. It is quite relevant to my PFRPG campaign though. Several weeks ago I became aware of Green Ronin doing a stunt called Apocalypse Sale at Paizo.com. Basically, this is a sale of print products for $2 (or somewhere around that price - hardcovers and boxed...
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    Errata (listing issues with PDF)

    This is a list of issues spotted during cursory browsing of PDF copy. Updated 2009-08-14 23:17 GMT+1 Updated 2009-08-15 11:28 GMT+1 Updated 2009-08-15 20:05 GMT+1 Updated 2009-08-18 01:39 GMT+1 Other threads devoted to this subject: (at Paizo) Core PDF Problems (at Paizo) List of Errata in...
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    D20 Spell System: Statement of Objections

    This is an extended version of my issues with d20 spell system. Posted here as per suggestion by Wulf Rathbane. INTRODUCTION This short document presents my view on the problems of d20 spell system. It is not intended to be exhaustive or definitive, however since it is a list of problems I...
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    Usability: Too many borders

    Problem: There are too many borders (posting form, counting from within text box toward top of the page I can see 15 borders: 5 white/grey line type, 2 grey/black non-line, 8 yellow line type) in current EnWorld layout. Impact: The page readibility is severely hindered because eyes tend to...
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    Problem: EnWiki Link

    Go to: http://www.enworld.org/articles/EN_Wiki_Open_Gaming_Content_Compilation_Challenge!/6785 Click on: "You'll find the Open Gaming Content Compilation section of the EN Wiki here. As you can see, we've started it off with a few items, but we need help to make this the largest collection of...
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    GSL & software support for 3rd party publications

    To the best of my knowledge, this subject hasn't been addressed yet by GSL or WotC representatives here, so I'd like to post a short and public query for Wizards of the Coast: - are there any plans for any type of license addressing subject of software game accessories like PcGen? - if so, is it...