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  1. nobody69.420

    Dungeons & Dragons Boom!

    Most of us know that D&D has had a boom in popularity recently due to the many references to it in modern pop culture, with it's appearance in Stranger Things being the highest contributor to it's rise in popularity. "In 2017 alone, we had more than 7,500 unique broadcasters streaming live play...
  2. nobody69.420

    5E Looting Monsters?

    I did one adventure, as a beginner DM, where I let my players loot monsters that they kill of their weapons and armor, but they can only sell it for 1/4 of the original price. They still ended up getting too much money, so I stopped doing that, but I want know how other people do looting...
  3. nobody69.420

    Monk Tortle

    I'm making a Monk Tortle, and two skills contradict each other. Tortles have the skill natural armor, giving them a base AC of 17, they can't wear armor, and you don't add the DEX Mod. Monks have the skill Unarmored Defense, giving them an AC equal to 10+ DEX Mod + WIS Mod. What do I do?
  4. nobody69.420

    5E Player's Attention

    I DM with my friends in high school, and I find it hard to keep their attention. Does anybody have any advice?