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    The City of Esrye Map (WIP)

    WIP image of my next map (about 90% done so not long now) and cannot show to much as its next map for my current campaign, and dont want players to see :) The City of Esrye On the edge of The kingdom Ryland surrounded by marsh land, to the south and the broad river to the north,. Sits the...
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    Just finished my "The Old Tolgate Bridge" (16 1920x1080 map tiles)

    On the river of the old border between "The Kingdom of Ryand (River Land)" and "The Norie Empire" sits the "Old Tollgate Bridge" part of the defense empire wall that is now abandoned and in ruin. The warden in his once fine gold trimmed uniform, now scruffy and worn. He will make sure you pay...
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    My Maps

    Hi after long time away from DND etc i came back and started using projector for maps, but could not find a whole town in 3d animated version... so i drew some, and hopefully will be drawing loads more... i am curuntly spliting this one up into tiles.. see RPG Land Maps is creating 3D topown...