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  1. ugavine

    Pop-Up Terrain: Is This The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread?

    Too expensive for me, but the idea is genius.
  2. ugavine

    A BATMAN RPG Has Just Been Announced

    I play Heroclix, so plenty I have of figures 😁
  3. ugavine

    A BATMAN RPG Has Just Been Announced

    As a DC and Batman fan I'm very interested. Although I'm not sure D20 is be the best system for this. I tried DC Adventures and didn't like it. Then there is Kickstarter. I don't like it when big name brands use Kickstarter. And then there is Monolith. If this is priced anything like the...
  4. ugavine

    News Digest for the Week of July 3

    Regarding the Curse of Hearts in the DMsGuild, maybe the problem was that the ooze didn't have nipples? Nipple-less ooze is often a problem. I seriously found nothing wrong with any of the artwork.
  5. ugavine

    Warhmamer 40K Wrath & Glory (Cubicle 7 Re-Release) Review

    I invested a LOT into the FFG 40K games, but this still interests me. Still have a couple of queries though; 1. Can it be played without those extra card packs? 2. Does the Core Rulebook contain plenty of NPC stats?
  6. ugavine

    General Dungeons & Dragons Gets a My Little Pony Crossover

    My wife is going to love these.
  7. ugavine

    Gen Con Event Registration Delayed

    I'd be very surprised if this goes ahead. I'm in the UK and was planning on going to the UK Games Expo. Now I'm not great in crowds at the best of times, but now... no chance, even if it was going ahead. Everyone just needs to be sensible and stay safe.
  8. ugavine

    No Players? No Problem: Try These Solo Adventures!

    I've been re-playing the Fighting Fantasy books myself. Currently re-playing Deathtrap Dungeon. And a big thank you to everyone for some great links, I'll be giving them a try.