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  1. Zethnos

    To DM or not to DM. That is the question. Any advice?

    I've been thinking about DMing for a few years now. I've even created my own world, putting bits and pieces together over time when ideas strike me. My problem is. I REALLY love being a player. I do. I'm extremely worried that I'll start it and not have fun and may force myself to keep doing it...
  2. Zethnos

    Looking for feedback on this Dryad homebrew race.

    I sat down today and made a homebrew Dryad race: https://www.gmbinder.com/share/-LFwCzSj3lpPP7dwVn4O This is my first homebrew and I am pretty proud of it. I love the theme of a magical Oaken Warrior race and thought it would make a cool project. I had a few people give me advice so far and I...
  3. Zethnos

    How do I justify a Lizardfolk Cleric in lore and RP?

    Lizardfolk has me completely stumped RP wise. I really like the idea of a Lizardfolk - Cleric of the forge from Xanathar's. The thing is... this race just doesn't care about anything except survival... They don't want or desire anything from what I understand. Do these creatures have religion...
  4. Zethnos

    5E Know of anywhere to get decent digital combat maps or dungeon tiles?

    Hello! I am starting my own campaign and I am using Roll20. I made my world and region maps, I just don't have any decent combat maps or city maps without text. My campaign is a world I created from scratch. I am not quite sure where to look for some digital resources that don't cost a whole...
  5. Zethnos

    5E Questions about population density and map size. (new DM)

    Hello everyone! So I am making my own adventure and right now I am having a bit of an issue. I am not sure exactly how many kingdoms, cities, villages, etc to put on a map that is about the size of the USA. The world I am creating is very young. Only about 12 million years old. Humanoids have...
  6. Zethnos

    Map resources for online DM/GMing?

    Hey guys, I am putting together a homebrew campaign and need some help. I have the world map all set up. I am not sure where to get "tiles" like squares of a seamless grass texture, trees, pathways, and so on that are all the same art style that I can make "combat ready" maps with. By "combat...
  7. Zethnos

    The biggest dungeon you know of?

    Hey there guys! So I have a question. What is the biggest D&D dungeon that was released by wizards with maps, descriptions, and everything. I am doing a challenge on minecraft to build one of the biggest D&D dungeons I can, to scale. If they end up being too huge I may start with a smaller one...
  8. Zethnos

    5E Any Thoughts On My Bard/Warlock Build?

    Hey everyone! Looking for some advice of the character I am planning. As I was typing it, it became sort of guide-ish.... but oh well, you will understand the build better. Basic Character Info Race: Half Elf or Human Variant (Not sure which yet, leaning to Half Elf.) Classes: Bard 14/Warlock...
  9. Zethnos

    5E What are some of your favorite FUN Multiclass combos & why?

    Greetings my fellow adventurers! Yes it is one of THOSE threads. This is not a "Which is best" contest. I am looking at some cool multiclassing combinations to see if there was anything I wanted to play that might be unusual and fun (without being COMPLETELY useless). I hit google and come...