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  1. thedungeondelver

    AD&D Reprint review

    Hey folks, I just posted up a review of the reissued 1e AD&D books on the main page of my website. I know a lot of people either got them today and haven't had a chance to pick them up or are eagerly awaiting them via UPS or Fedex from an online purchase. I apologize for the photos, and...
  2. thedungeondelver

    5E Notes from the underground: a few opening thoughts about D&D Next or 5e.

    Going forward, let me say that this doesn't discuss mechanics much. I read what 4e players write about mechanics and get a serious case of MEGO (to be fair I also do when reading PATHFINDER and 3e mechanics discussion) so sadly for people who delve (ha!) deeply into that, there's none of it...
  3. thedungeondelver

    WotC yanks the rug out

    Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Official Home Page - Product (1st Edition Premium Player's Handbook) Item Details Item Code: 02410000 Release Date: July 17, 2012 Format: Hardcover Page Count: 112 Price: $34.95 ISBN: 978-0-7869-6243-3 WHAT THE HELL, WIZARDS. WHAT THE HELL.
  4. thedungeondelver

    Checking out

    Hey all, No more posts from me on D&Dn; not due to any adverse circumstances or attitudes, but rather...I'm in a playtest group! I'm just afraid I might slip up and spill the beans on any threads speculating about rules. I'll leave you with this: it's more or less living up to a lot of the...
  5. thedungeondelver

    I don't DM 4th edition, but when I do

    I take an arrow to the knee. Now that my mixed memes are out of the way... something I'd like to see returned to D&D in N are non-nerfed monsters, specifically the rust monster. Now, I can take an AD&D rust monster, call it a dire Rust Monster, and put it in 4e. Keep the rust monster...
  6. thedungeondelver

    "'Kill it before it grows'...he said 'Kill it before it grows'..."

    I can live with a lot of new stuff, because again, I'm not looking to D&Dn to replace AD&D, just be a damn good D&D that I can play in addition to. But there has to be a starting point for "damn good". - Point buy for characteristics. When I want HERO SYSTEM, I'll play it. There's enough...
  7. thedungeondelver

    Core D&D...or, D&D's core.

    I want to talk about how I globally view D&D, what I think it "is" in the broadest terms and how hopefully D&Dn will cleave to this; I mean, ultimately, if it doesn't it's no skin off my nose. A creation of support for the D&D I do like (AD&D) would be a nice second prize. A lot of this is...
  8. thedungeondelver

    Yo, TerraDave - and anyone else.

    Hey, I'm sorry about hitting the REPORT button. Then saying I did it. That was passive aggressive Weak Sauce, and I should've just said something to you about it or asked for clarification instead of hitting that damn button. Everybody here knows I have a hateboner...
  9. thedungeondelver

    Holy sheepdip - wotc to republish old editions

    FROM HERE. I...I don't know...I don't know what to say. I'm literally dumbstruck. As RPG news goes this is the biggest thing since...I really don't know when. If they do this as actual real products I will buy core AD&D books from them assuming they are at scale market price. And yes, I...
  10. thedungeondelver

    I guess I don't understand "Operation Power Level Gary" - why am *I* getting XP?

    I thought the point was to give honorary/memorial XP to the man, not to people who just posted with him. I mean, I appreciate getting the XP and all but...all I did was write stuff for him with TROLL LORD GAMES and be lucky enough to hang out with him/be a casual acquaintance (as did many...
  11. thedungeondelver

    What is the model scale for 25mm/28mm?

    Hey all... I've got a real conundrum here. I'm trying to get some models together for an upcoming TWILIGHT:2000 game - specifically some inexpensive military models of tanks and APCs and the like. All of the minis I can find for characters and NPCs are in the 25mm-28mm range. Most wargamers...
  12. thedungeondelver


    That's right, babies. Take it in. Feast on the glory of it all. AD&D. I haven't been this happy about D&D in the media since the last episode of FREAKS AND GEEKS. (yes, I'm aware that THE CAVERNS OF DRACONIS isn't a real module - I'm going to write one up anyway)
  13. thedungeondelver

    What if WotC just said "That's it."

    What if WotC, tomorrow, just up and said "That's it. We're freezing the D&D codebase. No new versions, no new editions. It's what we want, it sells, we'll write adventures and sell rulebooks. Enjoy!" I don't mean the financial or business "what if" for them. That speculation is beyond me...
  14. thedungeondelver

    Must a campaign world change?

    As an interested observer with no dog in the fight, I was skimming the "What don't you like about FR" thread (I never had a want for THE FORGOTTEN REALMS; WORLD OF GREYHAWK will probably occupy my gaming time until I take the Big Nap), and I was reading about the metaplot, and I started thinking...
  15. thedungeondelver

    Hackmaster won an ORIGINS award in 2001

    ...and some guy, bigwig in RPG design, completely lost his :):):):) over that. Does anyone recall who that was? It came up in another thread on another board and I cannot for the life of me recall who that was.
  16. thedungeondelver


    I guess the 1e, 2e, OD&D tag is gone...So "History" then? Anyway. The question was brought up - or rather, I broached the subject, of conversions. There's the initial idea of "Well why does it matter to you, you're down in the 'won't play 4e' column already, we know that". Well, let me just...
  17. thedungeondelver

    So what posts here does WotC have a problem with?

    From Morrus' twitter: "Eeek. WotC has its lawyers send us letters about member posts now? I miss The Rouse!"
  18. thedungeondelver

    An Open Letter to the "OSR Blogosphere"

    Get over yourselves. No, really. Get over yourselves. Once upon a time, being a fan of Original D&D or AD&D or even the various flavors of Basic D&D and having a web presence meant not only talking about how cool you thought those games were, but providing a little something that other people...
  19. thedungeondelver

    Why is there a rush to define vintage gaming?

    Or...sigh... "OLD SCHOOL" ? Not just the two threads here, but many threads scattered hither and yon, I see this "What exactly is old school? Is this module old school? Is old school just how you play? The mindset? The rules? The..." Fact is, some people are going to say "Vintage gaming...
  20. thedungeondelver

    Big Collaborative Dungeon Thing at The Delver's Dungeon!

    Howdy gang! Looking to get your creative jones on? Wanna design and contribute a single room to a mega-dungeon, or a whole section? A whole level? Got five minutes at lunch and wanna find a resource that will hopefully in the future provide you with a quick adventure for that game you've...