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  1. Yenrak

    General Yenrakian Remix of the Alexandrian Remix: The Heist Before The Heists

    I suppose everyone knows about the Alexandrian Remix of Waterdeep: Dragon Heist. If you don't, you can get the complete collection through his patreon or read it for free (cheapskate) in a couple dozen blog posts starting here. I liked the idea so much that I decided to take it a step further...
  2. Yenrak

    General Horror or Murder Mystery Set in a Noble Villa?

    I'm looking for suggestions for published adventures with horror or mystery themes set in a mansion, castle, villa, etc. Basically, I think my group may wind up at the party thrown by the—SPOILER ALERT, WATERDEEP DRAGON HEIST—Cassalanters where 100 guests will be sacrificed to Asmodeus. If...
  3. Yenrak

    5E SKT's The Weevil: A Manhunt and a Mystery

    What is the point of the Weevil in Storm King's Thunder? Players can be told to hunt him down by two different groups in Bryn Shander or Darz Helga in Triboar. There's a wanted poster in Long Saddle. Presumably, they'd learn of him in Mirabar as well, since that city has posted a 5,000 gold...
  4. Yenrak

    5E Guilds and Trollskull Manor

    I recall seeing a huge list of guilds that might visit Trollskull Manor looking for work and payouts. But I don't remember where. Might have even been in these forums but I can't track it down. Anyone recall?
  5. Yenrak

    5E Higher Level Dragon Heist

    I'm DMing a group of 6th and 7th level characters through Waterdeep: Dragon Heist. Anyone have any suggestions, ideas, or pointers to resources for this? Has anyone else tried to convert this into a mid-tier adventure?
  6. Yenrak

    5E Waterdeep: Dragon Heist-ier

    I've been running my very home-brewery version of Storm King's Thunder for the past year. Much of the year we spent playing out a road trip from Luskan to Bryn Shander. (Here's a thread I started discussing some of those adventures.) The party wound up with a huge amount of goods from Icewind...
  7. Yenrak

    General Scrimshaw Prices

    The players in the campaign I'm DMing are likely to come into possession of a sizeable amount of Icewind Dale scrimshaw. I'm trying to figure out what it might be worth. Anyone have suggestions or sources on pricing for carved knucklehead?
  8. Yenrak

    5E Wyrmskull Throne

    Has anyone played the 2E Wyrmskull Throne adventure? I tried looking for reviews online and didn't find any in the usual places. Wondering if it is any good and if there's a way I could tie it into Storm King's Thunder.
  9. Yenrak

    5E Storm King's...CHULT!

    The party I've been DMing through Storm King's Thunder is becoming very obsessed with the Ring of Winter. They really want to go in search of it. SPOILER ALERT. There is a quest where the party can go search out Artus Cimber in Waterdeep but it's a red herring/dead end. But I've been...
  10. Yenrak

    5E White Plume Mountain in Storm King's Thunder

    Spoiler Alert. Duh. I've been running Storm King's Thunder since January. (If you're curious, check out my posts on it elsewhere in the forum. It's mostly been set between Luskan and Icewind Dale.) I'm not in love with the "raid the burial mounds" section. Or, at least, I feel like this part...
  11. Yenrak

    General Accursed Tower: Map Problems

    Has anyone tried to play through the Accursed Tower? It is a 1999 Forgotten Realms adventure by R.A. Salvatore & the Seven Swords. I bought a pdf from DMSGuild. The thing I'm struggling with is the maps, which don't seem to work. I can't see doors connecting the tower the players enter through...
  12. Yenrak

    5E Storm Kings Thunder: Chapters 1 & 2: Six Months

    After beginning our campaign in January, we finally completed Chapter 2 of Storm King's Thunder. You can read some of the background and early stuff here. Here are our main list of players. Arche Braverest: Half-elf Rogue. Walker: Elven Rogue. Sabrina: Elven Fighter. Landon: Elven Cleric...
  13. Yenrak

    My Own Battle System

    Tomorrow my players are going to experience a big battle. This is actually a version of the Goldenfields battle from Storm King's Thunder. But in my campaign it takes place in the dwarven city of Hundlestone. There are about 440 dwarven scouts, 60 guards, the PCs plus the NPCs from STK...
  14. Yenrak

    Short Adventure with Big Battle as Background

    I'm looking for recommendations for published adventures that would be appropriate to set against a large battle. In my campaign, a dwarven city is about to be attacked by hundreds of goblins, scores of bugbears, and a bunch of hill giants. The dwarves have 550 soldiers and are pretty evenly...
  15. Yenrak

    Dwarven Economics: What Dwarves Eat and Why They Trade

    In my version of Storm King's Thunder, I've moved the Goldenfields encounter to Hundlestone. This got me thinking about the economics and ecology of a Dwarven city. Instead of being a breadbasket to the world, the city is a source of metals work to the world. The Hill Giants have learned that...
  16. Yenrak

    What is the Tower of Zephyros for?

    SPOILER ALERT: SKT Plot Points dicussed. - - - - - - So what is the Tower of Zephyros episode in Storm King's Thunder for? Is it really just to give the players a fast way to move around Faerun or is there some point I'm missing. I find it really weird that the players are expected to jump...
  17. Yenrak

    Looking for idea for Barbarian Raiders encounter.

    In the campaign I am DMing, the characters are passing through an unsettled area dominated by roving barbarians. I'm looking for suggestions, including suggestions of published work, for running a barbarian raid on the caravan. The party is traveling up the Northern Means from Luskan to Icewind...
  18. Yenrak

    True Detective, Season Three: D&D Plot

    The latest season of True Detective has featured a few shots of Dungeons and Dragons but now it appears the game is becoming central to the mystery.
  19. Yenrak

    How to Fish for Knucklehead Trout

    Do any of the Forgotten Realms books detail the techniques used to fish for Knucklehead Trout in Icewind Dale? Is it predominately hook and line fishing? Or trawling with nets? The characters in a game I DM are headed up to Icewind Dale and I'm curious what equipment they'd find in use for...
  20. Yenrak

    The Icewind Dale Chronicles (STK, LMoP, LoCS, Accursed Tower)

    This will be a sort of campaign diary. My players do not read the forums so I'm not really worried about giving too much away. It's going to be a sandboxy blend of The Lost Mines of Phandelver, Legacy of the Crystal Shard, The Accursed Tower (2E IWD module), and Storm Kings Thunder. Probably...