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  1. jim pinto

    [kickstater] $1 RPG

    That's right. You heard me. $1. What are you looking at me like that for? It's really $1. And it's going on right now. Prices can't stay low like this forever. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/218255739/the-1-play-what-you-want-mystery-campaign-rpg-proj
  2. jim pinto

    Toolcards: Fantasy Brings 1800 Charts to your fingertips

    Check out some of the latest updates and stretch goals A number of 30-card themed decks are also available, as well as dice, and a playmat (to be offered soon). I know kickstarter noise is everywhere, but this is a unique product and we're proud of what we're offering here...
  3. jim pinto

    Post World Games Announces King for a Day Fantasy-Horror PDF

    King for a Day is a systemless fantasy sandbox campaign written in the style of Lovecraft, with more creep than gore. Set in a traditional anglo-saxon shire, the campaign is an extensive toolkit of people, places, and strange events all culminating in a horrific and unreal finale. With nearly...
  4. jim pinto

    Gallery of Rogues : Solomon Guild

    Six hours to go! We are at 4800 and less than $500 from adding a map of the guild and 10 more criminals. That would make over 40 criminals for the book. Uh. Maybe I don't want this stretch goal so bad. Of course, it would mean Eric would have to ice his hand.... hmm...
  5. jim pinto

    Gallery of Rogues, Update

    Preview of the upcoming coachman, Lang... speeding away from a heist.
  6. jim pinto

    post world games King for a Day reaches completion

    The final PDF for KS backers goes out on Feb 1, as we check all the final gauges of this product. After that, the files go to the printer and the campaign-adventure goes up for sale on drivethru. I'd like to that everyone who patiently waited for the book to finish while moving and travel made...
  7. jim pinto

    Gallery of Rogues, Update

    Four new NPCs will be added to the book, thanks to generous backers. In addition three new reward levels have been added. We are looking for people to help spread the word. The more backers we get, the bigger the book becomes. Our criminal guild is almost complete...
  8. jim pinto

    jim pinto presents a Gallery of Rogues, a new kickstarter project about a criminal guild

    From the award-winning author of the World's Largest Dungeon, Toolbox, and Ultimate Toolbox, along with the artist of about a million projects comes a sourcebook for fantasy gaming unlike any before. A Gallery of Rogues is a unique source book detailing a complex and original criminal guild for...
  9. jim pinto

    A Gallery of Rogues New Year Celebration

    A Gallery of Rogues is a fantasy sourcebook of criminals and thieves working within a thieves guild that has been operating for years. The guild maintains a wide array of members, including at least one wizard and a few politicians — to keep things orderly and all that. What makes this project...
  10. jim pinto

    Forked Thread: Why the World Exists [GM-less Gaming]

    Forked from: Why the World Exists See post #2
  11. jim pinto

    West Side Gamers (California)

    Hey, We are playing an experimental city campaign every two weeks in Culver City on Saturdays. We need one, maybe two more people for about 6-10 hours of gaming on average. That's right. We game all day when we game. Contact me if you'd like to know more. This is set in the city of COIL as...
  12. jim pinto

    4E What would you want to see in 4E?

    i agree with all of this add to this, a simplified social interaction system that allows anyone to derive a quantifiable bonus to gameplay simply by "asking around." this is an extremely complex idea to explain (but easy to use)... that i've addressed on my blog very recently
  13. jim pinto

    George's Children Releases

    Jon Hodgson and I created this game for charity, so it would be great if people could spread the word about it. And since today is National Child Safety day, it seem an appropriate day to release the game. Thanks for your help. georgeschildren.blogspot.com
  14. jim pinto


    Putting colossal size into proportion. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/6453997.stm
  15. jim pinto

    Interesting trend in comics (OOTS, etc.)

    I recognize that I'm alone on this (or at least in the minority), but I don't say the word -- like -- for emphasis... or as a gap in my... like... thinking. I realize it's a trend about Gen-Y (yadda, yadda) and despite growing up in Southern California where "like" made it's earliest...
  16. jim pinto

    Children of Men

    i went to a select theatre last night and started off 2007 being captivated by a film i'm sure i'll see two or three more times. and wow. i know this isn't the typical venue for movie reviews, but i think children of men has a lot of gaming potential for story and setting to inspire DMs and...
  17. jim pinto

    Has gaming died in So Cal? Because I'd like to see it reanimated (looking to game)

    me: single gamer into the group scene. 10+ years experience in publishing. 20+ years as DM and player. enjoy story and narrative. looking for players with stability and room for growth. no drama. please be over 18 and have own car. can provide additional player if you're into that sort of thing...
  18. jim pinto

    Freelance Art Direction

    I'll apologize now if this in the wrong place. Please paste it where it belongs, or tell me where to post it. Don't just turn me in to the "cops." That would be mean. :) Dear Publishers of Fine RPG, CCG, and Board Game products, I do not want to offend anyone's sense of style, or choice of...