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  1. Eyes of Nine

    Positive reaction?

    https://www.enworld.org/threads/in-remembrance-2020-ad.669403/page-27#post-8137316 What is considered a "positive reaction score"? Is the sad face a positive reaction? In the In Remembrance thread linked above, I often give the sad face for someone who has passed that resonates particularly...
  2. Eyes of Nine

    5E Bard College of Creation - what spells do you think synergize well with it?

    New sub-class of Bard, the College of Creation. When I take it at 3rd level, I'm wondering what spells you think synergize well with it (up to 6 spells prepared at 3rd level)?
  3. Eyes of Nine

    Release Marc Miller's Agents of Imperium from Baen released today November 3, 2020

    For folks who like Traveller, Marc Miller's got a novel just released. https://www.baen.com/agent-of-the-imperium.html
  4. Eyes of Nine

    What do you do with your old RPG notes/maps/NPCs/PCs/etc?

    I was going through a bunch of binders, notebooks, and loose papers last night. Found the notes from my Megatraveller campaign of the early 90's; and the GURPS campaign I ran with a buddy in the late 90's; as well as the binder for the Dungeon World campaign I ran for a couple of years in the...
  5. Eyes of Nine

    5E Grande Temple of Jing - anyone have opinions on it?

    I saw that Grande Temple of Jing is going to be delivered via retail channel (ie, FLGS's). Considering buying. I am just such a huge sucker for megadungeons. Also, I have ordered many many years ago (2001?) some custom gaming tokens from Hammerdog games. Wonder if anyone has thoughts? Ideally...
  6. Eyes of Nine

    5E Sorcerer Spells what should I get?

    Hey all - I'm looking for spells that can do great damage. I would also if possible like to be able to do more magical attack spells at range, due to the Tides of Chaos. Metamagic: Careful, Empowered, Twin Tiefling, Levistus: Darkness and Armor of Agathys Current spells (can know 11) Magic...
  7. Eyes of Nine

    5E Who got their Rime today?

    My FLGS has not yet got their shipment. They said maybe not even until next week :(:mad: But maybe folks here want to share that they got it!? And their initial reactions? edited to add: I am mostly interested in folks who got the hardcopy; but feel free to share your dndbeyond impressions too...
  8. Eyes of Nine

    5E List of Long Rest and Short List resets on a per-subclass basis?

    Someone must have already done this - Is there a list on a subclass by subclass basis what resets on a Long Rest and on a Short Rest? If not, maybe I'll make this myself.
  9. Eyes of Nine

    5E Artificer Multi-Class?

    I was looking at the Artificer, and considering Multi-classing with a Wizard, but there just doesn't seem to be much synergy. Maybe I'm missing something. What have people found works to MC with the Artificer?
  10. Eyes of Nine

    5E Mashup of Official WotC published adventures?

    Over in the Panopticon thread, Eltab posted this: Made me start thinking about if folks have created relatively coherent stories by mashing up various parts of the many WotC published adventure sets so far? (I focus on those, because those are the ones I own). Example: Phandelver Triboar part...
  11. Eyes of Nine

    Best 3D Printer for printing up Dragonlock terrain?

    Hey - At some point or in some bundle, I got a bunch of Dragonlock terrain. Wondering what 3D printer is the best to print terrain?
  12. Eyes of Nine

    DC Comics lays off many

    https://www.comicsbeat.com/dc-layoffs-reportedly-a-bloodbath/ Ouch. Not really a surprise, considering the acquisition of Warner by AT&T. But still a bummer.
  13. Eyes of Nine

    Place to do trades?

    I have a bunch of random RPG books, most would be of interest with EnWorld folks - Pathfinder 1e, Space 1889. I'm hoping to trade or sell. Is there a flea market page here? I have also been thinking of doing an RPG Math Trade (see the Boardgamegeek description here) and would have thought...
  14. Eyes of Nine

    5E Quick question - tool that allows me to plan a character from levels 1-20?

    I'm looking to play around with some character builds suggested in this thread. Is there a good online tool out there that allows me to build a character from 1-20? So I can see all the steps as I go? Maybe D&D Beyond does this? It's not touted on their website as a feature. I haven't bit the...
  15. Eyes of Nine

    5E Best MultiClass character build? Why?

    I usually avoid Multi-classing because I'm lazy (feel free to argue that I'm not, I'm ok with that :)); and I also don't usually have an in-game reason to multi-class. But maybe some folks' builds will inspire me to MC. I certainly hope so. So, what is your "best" multi-class character build...
  16. Eyes of Nine

    Thoughts about having an SF or Science Fiction or SciFi prefix in "RPGs General" section?

    In this thread here: https://www.enworld.org/threads/why-are-sci-fi-scenarios-so-thin-on-the-ground.673274/post-8043037 It was brought up by @dragoner the idea of having some area that was specifically devoted to SF games. I'm a fan of that - so just throwing the idea out there if that's...
  17. Eyes of Nine

    General Podcast reading through the DMG?

    Anyone know of any podcasts that read through any of the D&D DMGs? I'm considering doing one that starts with the AD&D DMG, paragraph by paragraph. Talk about what I learned, what I'll apply to future sessions, maybe even talk about how I did apply my learnings and how it went. Also with...
  18. Eyes of Nine

    5E Brainstorm - stories to tell with WotC's new position on various folk (fka "race")

    Over in some other threads (here's one) people are debating whether it's good WotC's new direction on race (hereafter referred to as "folk" in this thread). This is NOT the place to argue that. Please post in this thread your ideas for campaigns or oneshots or anything in between that you...
  19. Eyes of Nine

    What do YOU think makes a "good" adventure?

    I see all the time people talking about whether xyz module/AP/WotC HC is a "good" adventure. (Or more often, the opposite) To be honest, I don't actually have the critical lexicon to be able to assess whether an adventure is "good" before I've played/run it. Even once I've run it, I might say...
  20. Eyes of Nine

    Is there a way to mute threads in "Community"?

    Hello, I would like to stay abreast of this community. But the only way I have found to be aware of new threads as they happen is to periodically (like once a day) review the Community view of the threads. However that's pretty clunky, and some threads I am just not interested in. And because...