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  1. mykediemart

    OSR Red Box, but like modern I guess?!?!?

    Basic Fantasy its free PDF and cheap in print. its BX but with race and class split
  2. mykediemart

    Five Things I Love About Shadow Of The Demon Lord

    Of course you know you can just leave them out. I prefer to leave out clockworks all the time. I used it for a warhammer game, made a few tweeks worked well.
  3. mykediemart

    Five Things I Love About Shadow Of The Demon Lord

    Its it the power level or just the shortness of the campaign? My solution was to just slow down the leveling, it like using milestone. Some of the adventures I have used in 5e and they worked fine as well.
  4. mykediemart

    The Horror! of Introducing New Players

    Good Article. Hook them good and reel them in.
  5. mykediemart

    Strahd Returns with Curse of Strahd Revamped: An In-Depth Review

    This is a missed opportunity. It doesn't feel like a deluxe product. It feels like a half measure. The changes to the Vistani and Ezmerelda, The Vistani sure some of the descriptions seemed stereotyped from a real culture. But DnD has a lot of that, not all serve a Vampire, Ezmeralda, hiding...
  6. mykediemart

    The Horror! of Player Agency

    I hear ya. I came to kill monsters. I was pitched playing Call of Cthulhu, as in the end you go crazy and die. um pass. It takes everyone buying in to the horror for it to work.
  7. mykediemart

    5E You Can Now Get Minis For The D&D Combat Wheelchair

    In a world with magic the last thing I would want is to be bound in a chair. I have a back/spine injury, that is my point of view. Im not empowered playing a handy capable dwarf. If this works for you awesome! It does seem a great marketing idea, article, get controversy, then sales pitch...
  8. mykediemart

    5E Midnight: Legacy of Darkness announced at GenCon Online

    They were pretty low Budget straight to video, but they were set in the World of Midnight. I actually watched one and was like wait ..this seems familiar. I can enjoy both low budget with ok plot and cheesy bad omg how did this get made.
  9. mykediemart

    Ultimate Dungeon Terrain

    Looks really nice the Professor has taught you well
  10. mykediemart

    5E Check Out WizKids' Infernal War Machine Mini

    I think it looks like a He-man toy, the battle ram or battle tank. Id just kit bash something myself.