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    5E New D&D Next Playtest package is up (19/9/2013) [merged threads]

    Didn't find it in the news so I make this post to tell what the title says.
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    5E How would you like 5e to handle combat roles.

    There are three different ways I see. Each character class supports one combat role of the following: Defender, Striker, Controller, Leader Each character class is a striker with one secondary combat role among the following: Defender, Controller, Leader. Each character class has all combat...
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    4e is to Descent what Rolemaster is to classic D&D

    4e is to Descent what Rolemaster is to classic D&D. Agree/Disagree Discuss.
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    PF1E Publishers of D&D: from past to future. Paizo and Wotc.

    Gary Gygax stressed the need of a unified standard, so that the player base could grow in numbers. D&D's players would transcend from their houserules to the quality products of a publishing house. But in the age of internet and free online applications, is this still necessary and/or...
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    3.5e/Pathfinder fans tell me what you think about essentials

    3.5e/Pathfinder fans do you like essentials? If not why is that? Do you still prefer 3.5/Pathfinder? If so, why?
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    What levels would be PF/3.xe's paragon and epic tiers

    Based on arcane and divine spells/powers I guess.
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    Scott Thorne, a retailer, comments on recent events

    ICv2 - Rolling for Initiative--Oh, By the Way... It seems there have been going some abrupt changes of plans in the Wotc quarters.
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    PF1E Question for the Paizo folks regarding D&D's state of today

    Some time ago Erik Mona insinuated over here that the strong and healthy presence of the D&D brand in the market was fundamental for the well-being of the tabletop rpg industry. I am curious if Paizo retains the same opinion as of today. I am also curious what would they think for that matter...
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    D&d pc roles: From past to present to future

    old school: ever ready (fighter) trick monkey (thief) nuker (mage) buffer/debuffer (priest) 3.xe :confused: What do you think? 4e striker controller leader defender 5e :confused:Insert your favorite idea Discuss. PS: it is desired to correct/challenge whatever premise you want in the OP
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    What are your ideal design goals for D&D?

    Mine in no particular order. -Newbie friendly. -Manageable book keeping. -Each player always having meaningful choices to make. -Balance by default. Which means that some players are not destined to have to risk more than others regarding the point above. -Believability. Verisimilitude. -No...
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    What do we know of D&D Essentials?

    What I am especially interested to know is if the game follows 4e's gameplay paradigm of tiles/board encounter gameplay or if it is more open ended. But anything about it is still interesting to know.
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    Something that 4e's designers overlooked? -aka is KM correct?

    A distinct element of previous editions was who or what you were going to risk in a given encounter if things went awry. What risks were you going to take would ultimately influence your further progress within the dungeon or adventure. There were more answers to this question than just one and...
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    Publishing models of rpg lines: tools to design monsters vs new monsters

    Current thread problematics about a design conflict on the unfortunate mixture of some traditional and new paradigms (back to the dungeon, numbers going up), make me want to ask you to think that one does not necessarily need to shift to the old methods to solve the problems of the conflict...
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    Game design: badwrongfun and D&D

    Read this article 5 Creepy Ways Video Games Are Trying to Get You Addicted | Cracked.com It basically exposes game addiction due to "Variable Ratio Rewards". Here is what it made me think about D&D: Old school D&D randomness is guilty. New school D&D game mastery is guilty (3e mastery about...
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    leveling vs "locationing"

    leveling vs locationing So, levels seem to be the standard method of lasting gameplay in traditional rpg design. Critters of dungeon level 3 are more powerful than critters of dungeon level 2 and so on -and thus adventures and their plots are modeled. And as you know, in game design terms, you...
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    hope of joining a current edition (What does this mean?)

    "hope of joining a current edition" From the OP of that thread about 5e. If you prefer something else why to nurture such a hope? Fear of lack of support? How much support do you really need? There are thousands of modules out there you could modify for your needs. Lack of players...
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    A problem with new school as of 3.x and later. Or is it a problem?

    What do you think is better and why? A game with a focus on choice of character building options or a game with a focus on game options? I see these as two different paths in game design. Old school D&D was more of the later, new school more of the former. Gameplay is different as practically...
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    blogger on 5e: no-roll-to-hit-rationale

    I found this from a thread posted on rpg.net Eleven Foot Pole: No Roll To Hit: Rationale Although I am not a fan of the powers structure of 4e, the mindset behind this article highly agrees with my own. So, what are your reactions to this post?
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    Storytelling exercise:paint a passage using 4 keywords in order

    Here I go: City-Country-Strangers-Rumors
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    OGL:Someone releases as OGC a most revolutionary & awesome game design.You, Wotc...

    You are Wotc. Now, what would you do about it?