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    Turning off mobile version

    Euuuughhh! I can't handle it anymore. Please! Make it stop! I have an iphone 5e using safari and i constantly am getting what seems to be randomly logged out. Whenever i get logged out this way it also forces me to go to the mobile version of the site. This only started happening i think...
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    5E Is'Merith Character Sheets

    Hi All. As discussed, please store your current, updated characters here, upgrading the same posts as need be. Thank you.
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    5E What is a Living world forum Exactly?

    Hi all. As it sounds. I'm fairly new to PBP play and find it to be quite fun. I'm trying to understand how exactly the living worlds function. Am I to understand that one thread could represent a shop that anyone from any campaign could visit? That another thread might be dedicated to a...
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    Is'Merith - Campaign Thread

    Greetings ladies and gentlemen, please gather round; for it is I, Ikun Dracor the Bard and I am here to tell you the history of the lands far off to the east where once I travelled as a boy; of a city in the dry harsh deserts, North of the Omarsh Mountains and South of the Great Borkan Sea...
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    5E The City of Is'Merith

    Hi everyone. Please bear with me as I am new to PBP format. I was hoping to run through a playtest of a campaign idea I have. I need 4 players, each of which needs to create a 1st level character. The 4 volunteers will be required to prepare a 1st level character for the first part of a...
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    5E GWF vs. TWF Fighting styles

    Hi All. It was mentioned by someone in another thread that the GWF trumps 2WF significantly. Can I please ask by just how much this can be? I would have thought that they would have been fairly balanced in the grand scheme, given the 'extra accuracy' 2WF gives via a bonus action attack.
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    5E Are players always entitled to see their own rolls?

    To elaborate. On reading the post by Elfcrusher about Persuasion, Deception, Intimidation and insight rolls, between PC's and NPC's, might it be appropriate in a heavily investigative campaign with lots of role play, that the DM might record the above mentioned skill bonuses of each PC and...
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    5E What's your Master Villain like?

    The last game I ran with my group was lots of fun. My players enjoyed it, but the characters was devastated at what I did to them, for they had gained the attention of Axar the Merciless, a drow sorceress who has been leading the drow that have been forced to the surface over the last few...
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    5E 5E has been really refreshing to me.

    Hi all I just wanted to say, I only got back into D&D at the start of the year as a DM and I have found the system to be really refreshing to work with. Prior to this I had felt like creation of a story and running a player through it was just so boring as it kind of felt clunky. In regards to...
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    5E So, what style of play is this called?

    I was reading about organised play options and I was wondering if a campaign setting has ever been designed in the following manner: You get say 3 DM's who sit together and collaborate, they choose a setting such as Forgotten realms. Each DM then picks a faction and if possible, the players...
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    5E Magic Resistance at Level 3? Warlock Familiars

    Hi all I noticed when reading the monster manual for DM reasons, that variant familiars such as the quasit and Pseudodragon, available to warlocks, grant magic resistance to their partner. Take a look at page 254 of the Monster Manual (Variant Pseudodragon). As if a lv3 Warlock lv3 Bear...
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    5E Advice on old dungeon modules

    Hi all I was hoping someone might be able to suggest a good Jacquay style dungeon to insert into my campaign. The campaign itself is currently level 5. The PC's want to assist an NPC cleric with a quest to attone and I wanted it to involve a trip to a dungeon, preferably a temple to a good...
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    5E Mage armor and A shield

    Hi all I've got another one for you... Mage armor (page 256 PHB): -Sets your base AC to 13 plus your dex mod. -Armor doesn't stack with it. Specifically armor. Shields (page 144 PHB): -"Wielding a shield INCREASES your AC by 2". According to what I read, a shield is NOT technically...
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    5E Dual wielding and improvised weapons. Technically broken?

    Hi all. Another question here, or rather, I'll tell you my theory on something and am curious to see what others think...Hi all. I was looking at the feats and I noticed the dual wielder feat and started flicking through the book to a couple of things.I read the rules on proficiency...
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    5E Dragonborn inter-species breeding?

    Hi everyone. I have a question. I am now a player in a new game and we have a newbie at the table. This newbie is enthusiastic to play but we have had to hit him with rules a couple of times as he goes to describe what he does, often attempting to mechanically enhance his abilities. He would...
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    5E Does a sentinel attack interrupt a charge?

    A human fighter has the sentinel feat and a whip. He stands in a dungeon corridor 25ft wide in the centre. Any enemy that moves down the left or right hand side, trying to get past the fighter will provoke an attack of opportunity from him unless they choose to disengage right? Lets say...
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    5E What's your campaign storyline about? Here is mine.

    Hi all. With the purchase of 5e, I wanted to plug into some forums to get my head around the changes that have occurred, so I'm new to Enworld. I'm interested to know the sorts of campaign settings other people are either playing in or DMing? I'll tell you about mine. I started DMing a...
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    5E The Fighter Class and superiority dice

    Hi all. I've been recently reading through 5th edition and I quite like it, but coming from 3.5, I'm not quite sold on the fighters superiority dice. In fact I don't like them at all because they seem to infer to me that I can no longer make a trip attack, disarm or sunder without having to I...