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    Old Appearances in Dragon's Forum!

    So I was reading through some old Dragon issues, and ran across a letter in the Forum from our own JoeGKushner. It occurred to me that Dragon's Forum was the only outlet back then for the kinds of discussions we have here today. So who else from the board participated in the debates of...
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    Ohio Gameday 6 - October 20th - Please check new game cancellations!

    Feeling the post-GenCon blues? Need a gaming fix more than your weekly group can provide? Then come up-north/down-south/to-the-east/to-the-west and attend OHIO GAMEDAY 2007! When? October 20, 2007 Where? The Bookery Fantasy, in Fairborn (Dayton) Ohio Who? YOU! GM signup starts TODAY, so if...
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    Ohio Gameday - Feb 24, 2007 - Fun was had by one and all!

    Hey! Is it that time of year again already? Well yes it is! We've got the space, we've got the date, and this time we've got a sponsor! When? February 24, 2007, from about 10 AM until 11 PM. Where? Bookery Fantasy, one of the Friendliest LGSs I've ever seen, and located in Fairborn, Ohio just...
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    Those funny n00bies

    New gamers are a constant source of joy for me. I love seeing people new to gaming have those "aha!" moments, and I think everyone likes to see the look on a person's face the first time they lay some smackdown on a baddie. But what I like most are the completely silly things first time gamers...
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    Tell me why I'm wrong about grappling. Please.

    OK, so I've been going over the benefits of grappling in the SRD and ran across a troubling though. Let's start with the SRD text about initiating and completeing a grapple. OK let's look at this, using, say, a monk of 11th level (BAB +8), with Improved Grapple and a Strength of 18. We'll call...
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    Warforged and the Monk - doable?

    OK, with our 4 year campaign getting ready for wrap up over the next few months, I'm looking at all sorts of characters, some more run of the mill than others. But this latest idea isn't (for me) old hat, and I'd like to get some opinions about how some of the abilites jive. First off, some...
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    What's your favorite NEW story hour?

    Piratecat, Sepulchrave, Destan, Sagiro - long time readers of the story hour forum know these names all too well. They're like the anchor stores in the SH Mall (as for who's Sears and Who's Macy's, I don't know!), and when they update the crowds will come to read. But what about smaller story...
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    High level 3.5 - tricks for keeping the numbers game quick and easy?

    Last night, our gaming group (7 strong, all 13th level, guesstimate that we're EL 16 or 17) faced off against a group of baddies (5 strong, EL about 15 after all was said and done), and it was the first opportunity that our group had to prepare in advance at this kind of power level. And prep we...
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    The Dwarves of Mt. Yurgind

    It's been suggested that I toss a proposal into the mix about some history I'd like to incorporate into a PC background. I'm jumping into this late enough that I'm not sure if this has been touched on by anyone, but I'd like to submit, for consideration, this info about generational war in Mt...
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    "Making the pillars of heaven shake," or "PC driven changes to your campaign world"

    We've all seen it, some from both sides of the screen, and I'm hoping to get some tales spun about how the PCs in your game have caused monumental shifts in your games. Have your PCs ever founded a religion? I want to hear about it. Have they muddied the political waters? I want to hear about...
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    In the Shadow of the Wood - a frontier campaign - UPDATED 12/28

    Hi all! OK, if you happen to be reading this because you've seen my name associated with another story hour, let me tell you up front that this story hour is NOT the continuation of Small Beginnings. D'Shai and I are actually in a holding pattern on that one until we either get a fairly...
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    Problem downloading from the conversion library

    So I'm heading over to take another peek at the 3.5 adventure conversions over in the conversion library, and to my dismay find that none of the links in the list seem to be available. Currently, on each link I try, I'm getting the standard database error. Is it just me?
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    Help for a Rusty DM Badly in Need of Some Mental WD-40

    OK Right before the Rat's Nest crashed I had posted basically what follow's over there in the hopes that some Bastardly help would arise, but with time closing in and that treasure trove of DMing goodness gone on hiatus, I decided to bring it here for some more general critique. Hopefully y'all...
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    Ohio Game Day IV: Planning Thread

    Hi all! I figured it might be a good idea for us Ohioans to start thinking about putting together a GameDay for sometime this fall, and as the organizer/host of the last it fell to me to broach the subject. So, with Origins out of the way and Gen-Con looming, I'm fairly sure that the summer...
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    Uncanny Dodge and the Dodge bonus - Yes or No?

    Over in ashockney's "I hate math" thread, Ourph made the following statement in defense of an example he made: Did I miss something from the sage? Because as I read it you lose dodge bonuses in any situation in which you are actually denied your Dex bonus, and Uncanny Dodge makes it so you...
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    WotC IP and campaign websites - how do I not step on the Wizard's toes?

    I'm currently putting together some campaign info that may eventually end up on a website (or may possibly be put into pdf format for some free distribution), and am running into what I consider a potential problem: what measures should I take to ensure that I'm not inadvertantly infringing on...
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    Incantations as a d20 spell system replacement?

    After looking at incantations, I was immediately struck with how Sword-and-Sorcery/Conan/Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser - esque the system was. That got me to thinking, would it be possible to replace the existing d20/D&D Vancian magic system with this? Would it be unbalancing or even feasible...
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    (UA) Wound level variant - how does it hold up?

    I'm thinking about using the wound variant/damage save mechanic from UA and am looking for some feedback from those who've used it in their D&D games. Are there any hidden pitfalls or problem areas that need to be addressed (like massive Fort saves, for example)?
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    Mad Irishman's Character Sheets - alternatives to Adobe?

    So I'm cleaning up some of my gaming files last night, and I find the Mad Irishman's form fillable pdf character sheets. I love these things, but don't have the $ to buy Adobe Acrobat 6.0 to save the filled out form. I know Adobe also has Approval, which allows the saving of filled out eforms...
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    3E/3.5 Help with recreating a 2e PC in 3.5 (super modded 2e Priest)

    Hi all! Normally a request like this would go into the rules forum, but I figure that this particular question will better fit into House Rules. You'll see why in a minute. One of my most beloved PCs was played in a campaign over 10 years ago in the early(er) days of 2e, before all the...