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  1. Voadam

    5e should develop more Defender role mechanics

    4e was pretty great with its class role mechanics and developing ways to do them differently. A sword mage felt different as a defender than a fighter or a paladin. Even the teleport and threaten versus magical shield swordmage options made for different mechanical feels that were both effective...
  2. Voadam

    General Non-D&D Books you got for your D&D game

    So I grabbed The Supernatural Handbook and The Two-Headed Serpent from the Halloween Sale. The Handbook is a supernatural horror sourcebook for the Mutants and Masterminds superhero game and the Serpent one is a Pulp Cthulhu adventure campaign. I don't plan on running either M&M or CoC but I do...
  3. Voadam

    Halloween Drivethru Freebie Hunt

    So the Drivethru Halloween sale is on across their sites and they have the icon freebie hunts. Here are the ones I have found with the location pages spoilered. Let me know if there are any I missed. DrivethruRPG.com: Camp Pleasant 100 Things to Find at Halloween Xas Irkalla Stranger Stuff...
  4. Voadam

    General Favorite Fantasy Africa stuff

    So RPGs now have a number of fantasy versions of Africa or Afro-Fantasy to draw on. Which ones do you like and why? There is d20's Nyambe, a D&D fantasy Africa with multiple human cultures and dwarves and such (including monkey tailed elves I did not care for), I like the secret history...
  5. Voadam

    5E Fiddler's Lament Question for the Carrion Crown AP Plug In

    This will include some spoiler elements about the plots. So in Fiddler's Lament it is a plug in adventure by Legendary Games for Paizo's Carrion Crown Gothic Horror Adventure Path for Pathfinder from 2012. I have been running the adventure path using an online 5e conversion and I used both the...
  6. Voadam

    PF1E Fiddler's Lament Questions for the Carrion Crown Plug In

    This will include some spoiler elements about the plots. So in Fiddler's Lament it is a plug in adventure by Legendary Games for the Carrion Crown Gothic Horror Adventure Path from 2012. I have been running the adventure path and used both Fiddler's Lament and the Murmuring Fountain adventure...
  7. Voadam

    RPG Sales of 2020

    DrivethruRPG Sales Guide.
  8. Voadam

    OD&D OD&D Haste, Slow, Hold Person?

    So I was reading through my PDF of OD&D and it looks like some of the spells don't actually tell you what they do: I believe chainmail only had haste for improving movement on the battlefield. A lot of spells worked differently in OD&D than in the rest of D&D so I am left wondering how...
  9. Voadam

    5E Differences between D&D Next and 5e?

    So I've got Murder in Baldur's Gate, some of the late 4e Dungeon and Dragon issues with D&D Next stuff, and various other D&D Next material that was put out before the release of 5e. Is there any information on what changed between Next and the final 5e rules? Thanks
  10. Voadam

    2E Transcript of Audio CD in Ravenloft's A Light in the Belfry?

    Is there a transcript of the audio tracks from the CD in the 2e Ravenloft module A Light in the Belfry? The audio tracks contain important information for the story and it would be useful to have them in readable format for reference. Thanks.
  11. Voadam

    RPG Sales of 2019

    DriveThruRPG Sales Guide.
  12. Voadam

    Converting a module from Pathfinder, Monster CR stay the same?

    If I want to use a pathfinder module and use 5e rules instead should I just swap in equal CR 5e monsters to the PF ones or is the math conversion for expected challenges different? Thanks
  13. Voadam

    Cosmology Timeline?

    So in default Points of Light 4e we've got a few cosmology big events: The Dawn War when the Gods overthrew the Primordials. Tharizdun gets the Shard of Evil and creates the Abyss and Demon Lords. Asmodeus kills his god and ascends. What is the order of these events? Where is that...
  14. Voadam

    RPG Sales of 2018

    RPGNOW sales guide.
  15. Voadam

    RPG Sales of 2017

    RPGNow Sales Guide.
  16. Voadam

    What Modules Have you DM'd?

    I generally use modules when I DM. I generally modify things heavily and give my PCs freedom to bail on stuff and have campaigns keep going but I usually have a module I use for adventure material. I also know plenty of people who never use modules. Styles and preferences vary. There are many...
  17. Voadam

    RPG Sales of 2016

    Paizo has a 10% discount code holiday16 for January for certain types of products.
  18. Voadam

    PF1E Southlands is out

    Kobold Press released its Southlands Campaign Setting PDF today. I'll be interested to see how it compares to Frog Gods' Dunes of Desolation.
  19. Voadam

    3E/3.5 3.5 DMG out, so the full core rules are now available

    The 3.5 DMG is available now for $9.99. So with the PH and MM the full core rules are available including the non srd xp sections. I wonder if 4e is next.
  20. Voadam

    3E/3.5 3e Dragonlance is back!

    So WotC has released a PDF for sale of the 3.5 Dragons of Autumn 176 page module compliling the first four original 1e Dragonlance modules. Looks like all the Sovereign Press licensed 3e Dragonlance stuff reverted to WotC when the license ended and they will put them out for sale eventually with...