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  1. the Jester

    1E Dungeon Master Costume- adult size

    So after seeing that Spirit Halloween Store has a Dungeonmaster (from the old D&D cartoon) costume for kids, I've been looking for about the last two months, and have been unable to track down one in adult size. Their website lists it as "out of stock", but I feel like they must have made about...
  2. the Jester

    General Magic the Gathering set in Forgotten Realms

    This is interesting news indeed. I have been out of the MtG community for years, but if I was still into Magic, this would get my fanboy fire pretty hot.
  3. the Jester

    5E Working on a Warlord Full Class

    One of my biggest disappointments in 5e is the lack of an actual warlord base class. I know that there are a ton of ways to do a warlord lite, or to splash a bit of warlord into a character, but none of them really scratch the itch for me. What I want out of the warlord is complicated...
  4. the Jester

    5E Opinions: Clone and artificial aging

    Looking for opinions here. DMs of 5e- If a wizard has a way to artificially age a creature, would you think that method could shorten the 120 days time required for a clone spell to mature? For reference, a clone is described as "an inert duplicate of a living, Medium creature"; the aging...
  5. the Jester

    5E Is this a reasonable ruling re: stunned creatures?

    Last night I made a ruling that annoyed one of my players and want to do a reasonableness check. The monk pc had stunned a monster on his previous turn. On the monk's turn, he hit it and tried to stun it again. It occurred to me that there was no way to tell whether or not it worked- after...
  6. the Jester

    General Do Your Human Characters Match Your Ethnicity (etc)?

    I am just curious about this one- obviously also inspired by the current conversations. Do your human pcs tend to look like you? Do they usually match your ethnicity, sex, gender, and sexual preference? How often do you play characters who don't? Feel free to include non-D&D human characters in...
  7. the Jester

    General Outrageous Accents

    All the recent discussion about increasing awareness of the degree to which racist tropes and language pervade, or have pervaded, D&D has led me to thinking about Cyragnome de Bergerac. If you don't know, he was a gnome pc ran by... I think Roger Moore, or maybe Kim Mohan?... in the early...
  8. the Jester

    PF2E Healing in PF2

    I don't have PF2, though I've been considering picking it up for ideas and inspiration. There are some mechanics that intrigue me, like the 3-action thing. But someone posted a thread- maybe @CapnZapp ?- and mentioned that healing takes time, but basically, you start every encounter at full...
  9. the Jester

    Yahzick (D&D Rap)

    Not sure if anyone is familiar with Yahzick, but if you are on this forum and you also happen to like hip hop/rap, you should check him out. Please note that the lyrics are not always entirely SFW. It all started with D&D Rap Edition, at least for me. A few of my favorites: TPK Glass Canon
  10. the Jester

    All Mentions Point to Moruss

    As the title says. I tried to mention diaglo in a thread but it keeps pointing to Moruss. How about @diaglo? Okay, that works.... I guess you guys might want to disable the mention tag completely? Anyway, thought it was worth mentioning.
  11. the Jester

    5E Speculation on the missing quasielemental planes

    Help, Planescape people! Shemeska and any others! All right, so to preface- in 1e and 2e, the quasi-elemental planes are at the points where the Positive and Negative Energy Planes meet up with the elemental planes. So where Positive meets Earth, you have Mineral; where Negative meets Air, you...
  12. the Jester

    (Music) Expedition to the Barrier Peaks

    From Loot the Body: Expedition to the Barrier Peaks
  13. the Jester

    5E An Easy Way to Diversify the Warlock

    Okay, so one of the biggest complaints about warlocks that I have, and that I have heard others complain about, is how they are more or less forced into using Eldritch Blast as a cantrip because of the many invocations that interact with and buff it. It seems to me that what we need in order...
  14. the Jester

    4E Converting an old pc from 4e to 5e

    Hey guys! I'm converting an old 4e pc over to 5e for one of my players, and have run into one power in particular that has left me mulling over what the best 5e equivalent would be. I'd love to get the take of those of you who are/were 4e players/DMs on this. The pc was a tiefling wizard. His...
  15. the Jester

    Detect/Discern Lie, Ring of Truth, and similar abilities

    I just realized that there is no detect/discern lie in 5e, which blows my mind. Anyhow, I am running a 5e game that includes a pc who has a *ring of truth,* converted from the 1e version. Okay, so first of all, here's the text of my conversion of the ring for reference: Okay, so the...
  16. the Jester

    Barbarian Path of the Forsaker (first draft)

    I like making ways to emulate early-edition feel for the classes. For instance, I have a "Fochluchan College" for bards who want to splash some 1e style druidism in their bards. One bit of 1e lore that was fun, and was emulated via the forsaker in 3e, was the barbarian who eschews magic items...
  17. the Jester

    Readying a Spell and Breaking Concentration

    So this came up in conversation last night, though it didn't come up in play. Readying a spell uses the caster's concentration. By the RAW, you also expend the slot in question when you take the Ready action. So what happens if you take damage while readying a spell? Do you have to make a...
  18. the Jester

    (Cydra) The Final City

    The triple walls yet stand. Despite everything, Fandelose endures. The Sword Empire of Thrush is no more. The cities of humanity are crumbling ruins. No music nor laughter sounds in the elven tree-kingdoms. The clangor of the dwarven thanedoms has gone silent. It all began with the victory...
  19. the Jester

    Sending Spell: How many words to send teleportation circle sigil sequence?

    Okay, DMs, how do you rule on this? If I cast sending, how many words does it take to send the sigil sequence of a teleport circle to someone?
  20. the Jester

    5E Published Adventures You Have Run in 5e

    So what published adventures have you run, or are you running at the moment, in 5e? I ask because I was thinking about the adventures I've run in 5e, and they are, in the order in which I have run them or am running them: Thunderspire Labyrinth Expedition to the Barrier Peaks Curse of...