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  1. J

    Save games function

    Do the majority of you players of computer games really use the save game function so you can cheat death and restart the game before you make a mistake?. I thought the save game function was to protect you from computer error. if my party gets wiped I either roll up a new one, or if the game...
  2. J

    Gygax question thread?

    Where did the tread on asking Gary question go? ken
  3. J

    The land

    Well this is my wifes first draft of her first campaign she is going to run. it is amazing, she didn't start to play till 3 years ago, and wow she can type up more material in a day then I can in a week. ken Oh yes I am the dinosaur. :) After some brainstorming with the dinosaur and a quick...
  4. J

    On-line Supplier

    I am looking for an on-line supplier of miniature accessory . I need to buy primer and such, and am looking for some one a bit cheaper them GW thanks ken
  5. J

    Why would a DM want a copy of the players character sheet?

    Well after seeing the thread on Dm's and copies of character sheets . I Don't; understand why the DM would need a copy of the character sheet? I mean in my game after they roll the character up and I see what they have, I don't understand why I would want a copy of it. now things like character...
  6. J

    Looking for Gamers in Tide Water area

    Looking to start a second game, and looking to add players to our current game in the tide water area. We currently meet every Saturday, and looking to start a group one night a week during the week. Ken